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Leaving The Lcd Monitor Market, Sony Indicates A Growing Trend

Author: Kausik Dutta
Category: Shopping | Consumer Electronics
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Post Data: 01/09/2008 00:00:00
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As one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, Sony has always been at the forefront of electronics production. But last month, in a shocking announcement that left the channel partners stunned, Sony announced its imminent departure of, kdl 32, the LCD market. They said that rising costs, declining sales of small LCD monitor, and a more competitive market are important factors that contributed to their decision leave.Currently, offering only from Sony about how to deliver LCD monitor is a model 21 inch high for players serious and graphic designer. And even if they, kdl 32, are, kdl 32, about to leave the small LCD monitor market will remain focused on producing and selling high-end LCD TV market and large LCD screen (like billboards). In, kdl 32, October, Sony will begin to stop selling LCD monitors, kdl 32, in North America and Japan, the largest market. Some sources say that Sony will exit the market as early as December or the first half of 2007, while others predict that it may take longer. However, it is indicative of a trend in the market for LCD monitors that many sellers and traders said they saw coming, even if this does not diminish the impact of surprise move.Sony Sony only companies, kdl 32, that the first of many to market consolidation and reduce their losses, and others slowly follow suit. The high-end LCD market itself has been slow but steady, kdl 32, decline since 2003, and in some cases, sales of LCD monitors have dropped by nearly fifty percent. Even giants like, kdl 32, IBM, leaders at the top of the market, have reduced their bids CRT. In the case of IBM, which have reduced their models from 14 to only 5 this year, kdl 32, . Other producers in the area such as LGE, the top five LCD monitor sales for 2005, announced the closure of their establishments and factories due to reduction in prices of LCDs and competition increased. Sharp has also announced it will begin to phase out LCD monitor and check regularly to focus on high-end monitors and LCD TV. Added to this price drop, consumers have begun to edge closer to seventeen, nineteen and twenty-one inch screen, compared to fifteen-inch CRT, whose costs are much more efficient for producers. This means higher costs for manufacturers on the, kdl 32, LCD monitor market is shrinking, kdl 32, and already lower prices with less choice for consumers.

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52″ Sony BRAVIA kdl XBR10 (aka in Japan as the Sony BRAVIA ZX5)with wireless HD capability is no longer for general availability in the USA.

Fortunately, the kdl 46″ XBR10 is still for sale (no kdl 32 model)at SonyStyle and will probably continue to be available through the holidays. But for how long? This sure seems like Sony is clearing the slate for some new BRAVIAs (e.g. XBR11, XBR12), which Sony has stated before they will bring to the market by February.

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