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Big Screen TV Extras – Which Do You Need?

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Television technology is changing so rapidly – unless you work in the industry or are an AV enthusiast, the television you buy next time will probably not remotely resemble the one you currently have. We have jumped from standard definition cathode ray tubes that receive only an analog signal, to the HDTV with LCD, LED or plasma display technology and digital tuner inbuilt as the new standard.

It is hard to keep up with these base improvements, let alone track all the different extras and features you can get with different models! Today our HDTV buying guide will look at what extras you need when buying an LCD television, which are good for specific uses, and which are still too expensive to be worthwhile.

Connection extras

Some LCD televisions come with a whole range of different jacks and plugs. HDMI is the new gold standard, but many televisions come with optional wireless interfaces for different devices, Ethernet and USB connections, Firewire connections, as well as the standard audio in, composite cables, S-video cables, etc. It seems LCD television manufacturers are doing plenty with quality, but not much with that spaghetti bowl behind the television yet!

So do you actually need all these different connections? Usually, yes. If you have a laptop computer, certainly yes. There are so many ways that computers and televisions can interact nowadays, and this will only grow in the future – you might be limiting yourself immensely if you fail to get the model with a few extra plug-holes.

Sound extras

You can get a lot of different audio features with televisions nowadays. Many have stereo output, and anything above 5W per channel will give you decent sound quality. There are televisions with different sound modes, room settings, voice zoom and surround sound.

Do you need that fancy audio? If you don not have an audio system to run your television through, yes. If you do have an audio system hooked up to the LCD television, these features are a waste of money – they will hardly ever be used.

Tuner extras

Sometimes you will see LCD televisions with memory modes for favourite-channel-surfing, checking channel lists, etc. For heavy watchers and incessant surfers, these can be handy.

Do you need the tuner extras though? Many people find that it is simpler to do things the old way, and don not end up using these. HDTV buying guides don not make a big point of them any more.

Syncing/connectivity extras

Many television manufacturers allow other devices from within their brand to sync, or exchange and update information, with the television. Sony Bravia and Sharp Aquos are two major examples.

Is this a required extra? Only if you already own a compatible hardware item, or plan to buy one.

Picture in picture If you want to avoid switching between two channels to see when the news article you have been waiting for starts, or want to check out what songs are playing on the music channel while watching Law And Order, picture in picture can be a handy feature.

However, is it a necessary feature? If you use an external tuner rather than your television’s inbuilt tuner (for example, you change channels using your DVD player remote, or through a satellite or cable box), picture in picture will not work with scrambled channels. You might find that your setup renders it useless. Ask your AV expert about whether picture in picture will work with your hardware arrangement before you use it in an LCD television buying decision.

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LCD TV Wall Brackets For Best Viewing

If you have an LCD at home, LCD TV wall brackets can be considered one of the must-have accessories for enhancing the quality of viewing. One can’t deny the fact that today, consumers prefer an LCD TV to the traditional TV. So, what’s so special about an LCD? This type of television makes use of liquid-crystal display technology that generates the images on the television screen once it is switched on. Comparatively, the picture quality of this television is very good and it gets further enhances if the right t.v. wall mounts are used.

As far as space and design is concerned, LCD TV wall brackets have a lot of advantages associated with it. You will be surprised to know that TV brackets can help you with the right posture and psychological relaxation. There are many people who place their television set on a table but health experts believe that tables may not always have the right height for viewing. This can affect your eyesight and your posture in a unhealthy manner. Since the height is not appropriate, an individual can face difficulties in watching TV, thereby having an adverse impact on the body and mood.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the right LCD TV wall brackets at the right height so that the viewer is not only relaxed but also gets to enjoy the picture quality. There are various parts in an LCD television that are meant for specific use. [t v wall brackets] is one of the most important parts that must be included in the package when you bring home your LCD TV. LCD TV wall brackets are extremely useful when affixing the TV on your living room or bedroom wall.

Using the pertinent wall mounting brackets, you can easily hang the television at the preferred height wherever you want. If you have a small apartment and there is lack of space, you can easily use LCD TV wall brackets and fix the LCD on the wall and use the floor space for some other purpose.

In case you happen to have kids or pets at home and you are worried that they might bump into the table on which you are planning to place your LCD, worry no more. LCD TV wall brackets are answer to this problem as well. Drop the idea of finding the right table or cabinet for your stunning LCD television. Your TV brackets will keep your expensive television set from falling. A good quality LCD TV doesn’t come cheap and if it is one of your recent prized possessions, make sure you don’t have to compromise on its value and you get to enjoy viewing it in the best possible manner.

In order to make sure that the quality and look of the television is maintained, you will have to make a small investment in buying the right TV wall brackets so that it is safe from any possible damage.

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Samsung Un55b8000 55 TV LED HDTV Review

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Samsung is a leading producer of quality electronic goods. The products of Samsung are world famous and are always in huge demand. The first preference of the electronic goods buyer is always been Samsung. This company always tries to invent new technologies so that they can reach to the people to improve their standard of living in cheap prices.

Samsung has recently launched a new electronic product in TV category Samsung un55b8000 55 TV LED HDTV. Loaded with tons of feature this new device gives you a wonderful TV watching experience. We should have a small look on the key features of this new flat panel LCD TV, which are as follows:-

1). Contrast ratio:- Engaged with 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio this Samsung UN55B8000 LED provides you more sharper and bright picture. Point to point emulsion of light gives you the razor sharp details of the picture.

2). un55b8000 55 LED TV 1920×1080:- Full HD with 1080p resolution and un55b8000 55 LED TV auto motion plus provides you the most sharper, calm and smooth picture as possible as it can.

3). Internet compatibility:- The main which you wouldn’t in any other TV is of internet connection compatibility. Internet @ TV that allows you to receive content via Yahoo!, Flickr, and other online TV Widgets on screen.

4). Energy saver:- This TV consumes 40% less power than any other normal LCD consumes. This also helps in reducing carbon diffusion, which helps in saving our environment.

If you are going to purchase a TV than don’t ignore it. None other product provides you such great feature in such a low price which is around $2k. Buy the SAMSUNG 55 TV for great results!

Editor’s rating 9 out of 10

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Sylvania doesn’t have many variants of its LCD TV. One of their products is Sylvania LC321SSX 32-Inch HD Flat Panel LCD TV. It is a HD Ready LCD TV, which means that it is able to play media up to a resolution of 720p or 1366 x 768 pixels. Comes with glossy black finish, this unit looks really elegant and sturdy, it certainly doesn’t make any cheap impression at first sight. In fact, it looks just as good as with the higher end televisions in the market. Provided with the purchase of the television is its power cord, remote control and its batteries, the TV stand as well as a quick start guide. Although the TV looks classy, the remote does give an air of a cheap television. You might want to consider using universal remote instead.

The built in ATSC digital tuner allows the user to receive over-the-air HDTV signals which is good as it is a HD Ready device. However, this may be limited only to countries having over-the-air HD broadcasts which may not be available to many other countries with the exception of the United States and some others.

The LC321SSX isn’t so heavy and can be assembled easily as well. Like most LCD TV, installing this unit is very straightforward and do not require any complex installations. The menu is very user friendly as well and using any features would not be much of a problem. If one is already adept in installing a television, the whole process would not be more than one hour depending on the complexity of the installation. If there are any other devices that would need to be connected to the television, it may take a little bit more time.

The picture quality of the television is also quite good at its price range. It offers a wide range of colors in addition to good contrast in pictures as well. All of this thanks to the Clear Pix Engine Plus feature adapted on the LC321SSX. Sound quality is somewhat okay and can be improve through the help of a home theater. However, for normal use, it can be quite pleasing as well. The LC321SSX also supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound and has two 10-watts speaker giving a total power of 20-watts.

In summary, this Sylvania LC321SSX 32-Inch HD Flat Panel LCD TV is a good choice for you who want to enjoy the great picture quality on flat screen LCD TV but don’t have big budget for it. Although it isn’t Full HD, this unit works as good as many other televisions. However, this device may lack a bit of details as compared with other Full HD television due to the lower resolution.

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Common Plasma TV Problems

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After readjusting the antennae or satellite on your old TV in hopes of fixing that junky picture and waiting on hold for hours with your cable company, can’t you just close your eyes and imagine the flawless picture you would get on a new plasma TV? You spend the next several months dreaming about and saving for this incredible new TV, all the while thinking of the perfect clarity in which you will be able to watch your favorite shows. But before finally choosing the TV you will take home, you should know a little more about some common problems with plasma televisions.

Mounting a plasma TV is an initial problem for many purchasers. Because of their large size, they are often unwieldy and difficult to mount. Most consumers don’t even know that mounting their plasma TV incorrectly automatically voids their warranty! Whether you install the set yourself or have a professional do it, be very careful not to grab the set in the wrong way–doing this can damage the screen and distort the images into a “starburst” pattern on portions of the screen.

A good rule of thumb is to never touch the screen, and a good way to make your investment last is to install a glass cover over the screen as a protective measure. Plasma screens don’t stand up to the wear and tear regular televisions do, especially if you plan on using your plasma television as a gaming console. The Wii system looks great on a plasma screen, but not if you hit the screen by accident! People offer differing opinions on whether the new gaming system causes “burn-in” on plasmas, but you can expect to have no problems if you take extra care during the first 100 hours that you use your TV. The screen should also be dusted on a regular basis to avoid rainbow-like arcs in your pictures.

A few other difficulties with plasma TVs have to do with display. Ghost shadows and flickering during broadcasting have been reported, but both can be minimized with additional accessories from your plasma television manufacturer.

Plasma TV has amazing potential but is still a relatively new technology. As it is still in its early stages, there are bound to be bugs to be worked out. Remember that sometimes simply turning off the set for a little while before turning it back on again can correct a problem.

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