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Plasma TV vs LCD TVs – a quick comparison

The great debate: Plasma vs LCD. Spera brief overview of some 'light for you this before you take that all important decisions in your pocket grab.

Let's go directly

Advantages over plasma TV.

You have better image quality as they consider the contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. They have almost no motion blur, the models can plague some LCD TVs. This is a decrease in reaction times and update rateswhich even the hustle and bustle means, lighting fast motion will be blurred in all probability, and if you do not notice.

They are easy to mount on walls and streamlined in design (although heavier than the comparable size LCD). They are also usually cheaper than LCD TVs.

Disadvantages of Plasma TV

The old models are just that – completely outdated. They suffer from a terrible issues such as screen burn-in and image retention. Thisis no longer a problem so much. They are hard to find, smaller than 35 inches, not so great if you mount a plan to purchase in your kitchen.

Consume more energy and degrade at high altitude. I do not want to bore you with technical details, but it's safe to say that is something that hinders the technology. Are also subject to reflection and the reflection area flicker.

Advantages of LCD TV

Well, I'm light as a feather! They are usuallySuper slim and smooth. You are tuned to the integration of modern media and produce less glare. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends.

Disadvantages of LCD TV

Compared to 's plasma TV, which produces images of poor quality. contrast ratios are small in comparison with super and color accuracy is off by default. Response times are horrible for some of the cheaper models and can often cause blurring an impact on the ad.

Popularity: 1% [?]

Image : http://www.flickr.com

You want to buy, flat screen TV and can not rule on whether Go for Plasma vs. LCD TV. Once in the first place, you should know that the issue of burn-in is not a problem as it was before with Plasma TVs. You could say that the models is not as bad as it was the oldest with a plasma TV. Before you can decide what type of TV you go to buy, there are three questions that need answering. There are few guidelinesbelow.

Reflections and glare from the screen

The first question is whether the room where you want to watch TV is well lit or dark. This raises the question of ambient light. The light in the room is a major factor in the choice of plasma vs. LCD TV, or vice versa. The image quality of a plasma television reduces the amount of ambient light in the dining halls. LCD TVs usually perform better in a well lit room, ifcompared to plasma TVs.

Plasma and LCD TV offers image quality is different and the amount of ambient light in the room at the time. Plasma TV offers better picture quality in an environment with little light. Better image quality rooms offered by the plasma TV in the dark, with better contrast and black levels darker than LCD TV. When you look at a plasma TV in a well lit room, the picture would look dimmerwhat is in a LCD TV. This is mainly due to the presence of reflections caused by ambient light.

But this little problem was taken care of some plasma TVs. With anti-glare screen in some of the best plasma televisions, the effect of ambient light is used to image quality has been greatly reduced. The screen of a plasma TV, and special treatment, the glass makes the screen glow of resisting glass glare and reflections. Theanti-glare glass reduces glare up to the glass to a large extent. While watching TV in a dimly lit room, you do not get the light around her eyes reflect the TV on your plasma screen. If you intend to light to watch TV with the room is a good idea to buy a TV Plasma anti-reflection coating. The top plasma TVs available on the market today use anti-glare screens for the purpose of reducing reflectionsfrom ambient light in the house.

Plasma vs. LCD TV Response Time

In general, if you watch the scenes content with a plasma TV, high-speed TV that offers an advantage over LCD. This is because their reaction time is less. This is the top right plasma TV for sports and games. If you see the scenes in fast motion, like a sport on an LCD television, you see a blur at the edges of moving objects. However, note that if you usePlay a lot of time, a plasma TV is not a good idea, because the susceptibility of burn-in. There are TVs on the market now with fast response time LCD, and could be a model with a response time of 5 ms or less preserved. Just remember that when the image sharp, it is important to you, a low response time (high frame rate) is a function that should be for us.

Screen Size

If you have large flat screen plasma TV features such as a slight price increaseAdvantage over LCD televisions. Even today there is a plasma TV market below 42 inches, but it is likely that we will soon see, plasma TVs with 32-inch screen. So basically, if you want a small HDTV your only option is an LCD TV.

Popularity: 2% [?]

How to Enhance the Lifespan of a Plasma TV

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Among the flat screen television models, Plasma is considered to be the best option by the consuming public. Gaining public confidence and acceptance is not a simple exercise for a widely consuming product in an atmosphere charged with intense competition. But plasma television could achieve the same, despite initial setbacks. In the early stages of its introduction this product faced stiff consumer resistance due to some inherent deficiencies. This is a very common phenomenon in the case of all products and services that are offered for public consumption. Till 1990 plasma television models had serious problems regarding its durability. It was widely perceived that this television has shorter lifespan than other categories. Burn-in was the culprit that caused the problem. Screen burn-in is an inherent defect found in the plasma television which made negative impacts on the longevity of the product.

Having sensed the public resentment, the manufacturing companies initiated remedial measures to fix the problem. Adopting new techniques like pixel orbiter and use of better quality phosphorus gas, the burn-in phenomenon could be eliminated if not minimized. Longevity of plasma television is now substantially enhanced to 60,000 hours. Earlier it was only between 30,000 to 40,000 hours. If the average time of television viewing by consumers is taken into account, the lifespan can be estimated to be above 25 years. Plasma could regain its public appeal when the new versions with qualitative superiority and enhanced longevity are introduced in the market.

From the beginning plasma was adjudged as the best option if the quality of performance is considered. Its ability to produce deeper blacks and consequent betterment of contrast could result in high quality images. In brightness and colour reproduction plasma’s superiority remains unchallenged. Viewing angle of above 160 degrees is another characteristic that is unique to plasma television. It is the perfect option for group viewing of the programmes in a large family or for commercial presentations due to the wide viewing angle available in it. Again when it comes to large screen segment, plasma is considered as the best television. It is chosen for home theatre purposes because of this reason.

However, the consumers are advised to follow certain guidelines to make their plasma television more effective and durable. Never leave a static image on the screen for more than 10 minutes. It is better to watch the programmes in widescreen format. Brightness and contrast levels should be maintained at the lowest level without sacrificing viewing comforts. Remember that only 60 percent of contrast setting is needed in a place where ambient lighting is normal. Consumers should take care to place the plasma television in a well ventilated room. These are precautions to be taken to enhance the longevity of the product. Like any other mechanical, electrical or electronic device, television also requires certain safeguards against misuse. Such protective measures will make the unit more productive and enhance its lifespan. The expensive device requires cautious handling and foolproof maintenance. It is also important to follow the instructions contained in the user’s manual supplied along with the television.

Popularity: 5% [?]

Sony Bravia TV KDL32W550 0U

There are a wide range of Bravia LCD TV 's Sony and KDL32W550 0U is one of them, and they are at the top of the range. Although the panel Full HD 1920×1080p now is pretty standard, was the series "W" indicates one of the first.

This full function LCD TVs are affordable, and this model has 4 HDMI inputs and Applicast, which allows the unit to be connected to the Internet a lot. A USB port allows the installation of all typesPhotos, videos or music files and comes with an Ethernet jack, with DLNA PC files can be stored or used for Applicast Service.

Motionflow 100Hz technology used and includes Bravia Engine image processing course. Retailers are stocking these TVs at affordable prices and this is one of the most interesting for the purchase of this technologically advanced TV.

This is a 32 "screen even if they are not as big as this because ofThe attractive glossy black frame that frames it. They are equipped with a protective film on all parts, which can scratch packed. It must be assumed that they must be kept well protected! But this is the way of the world, even from mobile phones are equipped with these sleeves and they finally scratched with use.

This is a compact 32 "TV with a relatively small footprint so if you're short of space, can be ideal for the application. I think it is agreat looking television, although I have seen some reviewers say they prefer the look of the 32E5500 model. It's all a matter of taste, and if you really think that looks good, you're the one who must live with it.

Most monitors have a "Sony" Wega Gate menu, but the interface 0U KDL32W550 Sony has done for this innovative user interface, similar to the interface of the Sony PlayStation 3 This is a very very nice and Ireally how can, but others prefer the more traditional menu. The menu is displayed with symbols instead of words like "color", "contrast", etc., so it may take a little 'getting used to.

If you are a technician, not a problem with the menus, but my father is 75 years old may have difficulty knowing what the hell is going to have. Then again, it is highly unlikely he will go and buy one of these TV 's, he predicts that Sony, which has alreadyFinally, the life of him for the rest of the body, and is still a Sony, so it is more likely.

The video processor is really good, maybe not the best on the market, but certainly more than passable. Most people who have these TV sets would probably not know the difference, it is only when you know, flicker seen what, you see how effectively smooths.

Finally, if you want a great TV at a good priceand I want admiring glances from your friends, buy the Sony Bravia KDL32W550 0U. They will not go wrong there is a Sony!

Popularity: 1% [?]

The New Sony 3D LED HDTV is Out

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Introducing the Sony XBR52HX909 this is the Sony version of 3D LED HDTV. This year has brought about a transformation of HD LED 3D TVs and all of the manufacturers are scrambling to get in on the game. Sony has now brought their version of 3D LED HDTV up to standard. Because this TV is so new there are not a lot of reviews out, but if you are a Sony fan you will probably like it.

This TV comes with something called 3D1 which means it is 3D compatible. Before the flat Plasma and LED TVs became popular, there used to be a high end picture tube TV that had a black picture tube, which was supposed to get the blackest of blacks. Well the quality of this TV surpasses that with the blackest of blacks and the whitest of whites. What this means is a clear brilliant picture quality in full HD 1080p, which is the highest resolution currently possible. It also features the BRAVIA engine, which Sony fans know delivers an amazing viewing experience.

Another cool feature is Internet video. Just think instantly streaming movies and other media from the Internet. Sure it’s been possible to stream from the Internet for a long time, but the difficulty of set-up and equipment cost used to be prohibitive. With this TV everything is built in and set up for you. You can also connect to current digital media using a Wi-Fi adapter or the built in USB port. As you can see media possibilities are endless with this awesome TV.

Do you have a hard drive media player or a PS3 this Sony 3D HD LED TV is also DLNA compatible so you can get streaming media from any other DLNA device even your PC. Have you ever wondered what your vacation photos would look like in 3D? After all that was how they looked when you took them. Just get out your trusty remote control 7 and with a click of a button your 2D media will become 3D.

A great way to enjoy all of the latest in Blu-ray titles is to be sure to have a TV that can take advantage of all of these features. If you want the highest resolution available you will want full HD 1080p which this Sony has. Do you want a clear but fluid picture during fast action sequences? You get that too with Sony’s advanced motion flow technology.

Each frame comes with exceptional color contrast and is as clear as possible using Intelligent Image Enhancer technology. If 3D is what you are interested in, all you need to do is plug in your IR emitter to your HD 3D LED TV, and sync it with your Sony 3D shutter glasses.

This is a great TV if you can afford it. If you are just browsing there is no harm, no foul, in waiting until the industry standard is more stabilized and price points begin to come down. Although you would be the person with the coolest Super Bowl party not to mention having this TV would just be a lot of fun.

Popularity: 1% [?]

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