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the last 10 years, most flat-screen TV technology have been marketed in one, all with excellent improvement on the previous technology. The rapid progress of technology has left many of us, not like most of us graduate in electronics. So, what are the main differences between these new TVs?

Plasma TV

These are the oldest of the new Flat Panel Displays. They came in about the same time as LCD TVs, but they were verycheap for its size, so they were always popular with the introduction. plasma screens of a gas in a plasma when an electric current passes through it, making the light.

Plasma professionals:

– Less expensive than other flat screens for the same size.

– Generally, better, more realistic colors of LCD televisions.

– Deeper blacks and contractual relationship than LCD televisions.

– Do not suffer from motion blur. have plasma screens refresh faster, so movedObjects appear less fuzzy.

– Larger viewing angle of LCD TVs.

Plasma Disadvantages:

– Less durable than other flat screens. Plasmas are expected to last 10-15 years, while the LCD TV will last for two or more times.

– Plasma consumes more energy to run.

– Not available in all sizes (not in small quantities and only in certain specified formats, such as 42-inch, 50 inch, 60 inch.).

– In general, thicker and heavier than the others.

– It is morevulnerable to reflection glare in bright rooms.


LCD panels the first time in existence in the form of computer monitors. The same technology has for many years. It 's the same basic technology of the screen with a calculator. LCD TVs usually refers to a fluorescent backlit LCD TV. This is not to be confused with the new LED LED-TV, which is technically still an LCD TV with the exception ofBacklight offers.


– Life Better than plasma screens. Projected life of 30 years is possible.

– LCD screens consume less power than plasma, but more LED-TV.

– Available in many sizes, from computer screens up to 60 "Monitor +.

– Lighter than a plasma, which is easier to mount on the wall.

– While prices of LCD TVs were higher than plasma, fast fall is an increaseProduction.


– Worst-panel in terms of performance: low contrast and slow (motion blur) are possible.

– Narrow viewing angle, with slight color variations possible for each viewer.


LED LCD TV is actually technically, but with LED backlighting instead of fluorescent lamp / s. This technology is the next generation of LCD screens.

Differences between the LED backlightCurrent LCD technology:

- LED backlit display produces far greater dynamic contrast because of its direct backlight.

LED flat screen can be made extremely thin, about an inch thick on.

LED flat panel consume less power to all three screens.

LED TV currently costs much more than LCD, but prices should drop dramatically, with increasing production.

TV LEDs are considered the most reliable of allcurrent systems flat screen.

I hope this makes finding a suitable TV experience easier!

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Plasma TV – A Wide Variety of Options

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The digital revolution has completely changed the way that TV’s are produced, and Plasma TV technology is an innovative sign of the times. The way that we now watch TV has completely changed, thanks to the Plasma TV. Plasma screens are renowned for their very bright picture quality, and it is also possible to watch the screen at an acute viewing angle, (from up to 80 degrees off center you will still be able to see a clear picture). The best Plasma TV screens are the ones which have the highest resolution. Especially if you want to play all of the latest games, you will need a high resolution picture to get the full benefit of the special effects. For simply watching TV programs you probably won’t even notice the difference.

The Plasma TV screen is very light and thin, so it is suitable for narrow shelving or wall mounting to save valuable space. It is possible to ‘flat mount’ onto the wall like you would a picture or a photograph, or alternatively you can buy a wall mounting bracket which will enable you to swivel the TV into whatever direction you require, you can even buy these with a remote control if you are a real gadget buff.

A few details which ought to help determine which Plasma TV is right for you should include room size and whether the TV will need to be wall mounted, if so, you will need to choose from the wide variety of wall mounts on the market. If you really want to push the limits, and have a full home theater system, then it is advisable to have it professionally fitted and connected. This will really be of benefit to you if you are a movie buff, it will be like going to the movies every night in your own home.

Historically, Plasma TV has been associated with having a short shelf life compared to traditional designs. Where this has been a problem in the past, the newer models have been really improved and manufacturers have worked hard on increasing the lifespan of their products.

Of course, when buying any new appliance it pays to shop around. Plasma TVs are certainly not the cheapest option available, but with a little homework and comparison of different suppliers, both on the internet and in your local town, it is certainly possible to bag a bargain.

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Sony TV Review KDL40Z5800

If you are tired of the blur when playing fast scenes very similar to when you play the Grand Prix should be the Sony Hi-Definition LCD TV KDL40Z5800. Just cut the blur is not the only attraction of this state-of-the-art technology, the device is packaged in that television is a sure recipe for want nothing more from your home!

The TV is doing an unsurpassedExperience. You are offered full-quality high definition images on a screen 40 inches excellent. 1080p playback exceeds all other TVs with the same technology. The elegant design of Sony KDL40Z5800 packs quite a punch, when a series of believing that provides television services to its users. Then everyone, including Sony hundred and forty radio and TV for free. That's right "courtesy Freesat.

TillColor reproduction is concerned KDL40Z5800 Sony LCD TVs, the BRAVIA or, as is popularly known on television creates true colors with BRAVIA ENGINE, make sure that other colors are all still alive and real. This process is known as "Live Color Creation, something other TV manufacturers are still being refined.

The Sony LCD TV KDL40Z5800 has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1which means that to create the amount of progress even darker color is black, unlike other series that a black man with a very dark blue hue is compromised. The fact that the LCD can produce near perfect black tones that the other colors are easily produced a very natural. This set has four HDMI connections that allow the user to the player to LCD panels, not high definition. High Definition TV brings out details in moving images like no other form of TVSony LCD TV can be an experience, and no one should lose at any cost.

Gizmo offers this home entertainment features that no other television programs and not at any cost to the environment. The properties of energy saving in a group that is easily accessible through the user control panel found. To save power the light sensor determines how bright the backlight> LCD screen must be a function of the space on the brightness.

The Sony KDL40Z5800 allows the user to switch to energy saving mode, so that the set off when no activity for some. The set is going into standby mode when not receiving a signal from a device such as remote or connected players for some time. All this helps to save energy and preserve the environment.

This was the imageThe play so far. Any system can be complete without television sound perfect? The pair of 10-watt speaker provides clear sound 20 watts total, covering the entire range of human hearing. This means that the high, medium and low felt perfectly even at the highest volume.

The Sony LCD TV wall KDL40Z5800 be placed on transport, and to be and look like every frame, except that moving picturesensure a sound too great!

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Everything there is to know about LCD and plasma TV is just a click away! If you are considering purchasing a flat screen TV, here’s all the advice you’ll need.

LCD and Plasma flat panel TVs have evolved considerably in recent years. Even if the plasma technology retains an advantage in the rendering of more natural colors, deeper black, and very large viewing angles, LCD technology, including LED backlighting, also produces enhanced rich colors and deep blacks.

Rendering Color

Generally, plasma technology offers richer and more natural colors. However, with some upscale LCD TVs, the gap is narrowing considerably. This applies to models that offer extremely qualitative backlight, including those with LED technology (which use LEDs for backlighting instead of fluorescent tubes). However, the entry-level LCD displays a less extensive range, with drifts of color.

Deep blacks and contrast

Historically, plasma screens have a head start on the LCD on the depth and shades of black (no backlight to turn off completely pixels), and show a better contrast ratio. But from a purely visual point, this advantage can not be verified in the dark. The minutes of black may also show themselves better on LCD screens in a lighted room. Obviously, this information can be disproved by the exceptions relating to the quality of the TV.

Gloss, matte and satin

Note that the bright tiles, also called Glossy, enhance contrast and density of black in a dark room. But they are more sensitive to light reflections which can be very bothersome during the day. Matte tiles for their part restrict these reflections and accentuate the deep blacks and contrast. The right balance is found in slabs called satin which combines the advantages of two other types of tiles.

Lifespan and Consumption

In terms of lifespan, the plasma has made progress since its longevity is similar to that of LCD screens: approximately 25 years at 4 hours of use per day. It is however advisable to opt for a plasma if you live in high altitudes. The LCD is better for the average consumer especially models with LED backlighting. Count an average of 200 Watts for the 32-inch, 250 watts for the 40-inch and 350 watts for 52 inch.


If you are fond of home theater, plasma is an excellent choice. It keeps the price advantage compared to LCD panels for very large (> 46 inches) screens. These are also less affected by the phenomenon as marking residue image disappears more or less quickly depending on the model (Logo channel, dashboard video games…). This phenomenon is most marked in the first hours of use, a bit like running a speaker. You should be careful in the first six months. However it should also be noted that this marking phenomenon is reversible and that the recent television offer through their menu, tools to address this problem.

The LCD is more suited to everyday and heterogeneous use (TV, DVD, video games). But more and more technology oriented films tend to deep blacks and natural colors of plasma. It is a hard choice but hopefully, you’ll make the right choice for your flat panel tv.

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Samsung Un46b8000

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UN46B8000 Samsung LED HDTV is impressive to say the least, the unit is equipped with a lute Ultra Clear Panel allows glare control functions, SRS TruSurround sound technology for incredible and the crowd was with two ten-watt speakers offer sound down and surround sound effects to turn your fun. Within UN46B8000 obtain the data they have provided two millisecond response rate, an update of 240 Hz, and the interior of the device QAMATSC and NTSC tuners are included to diversify the TV to view options.

UN46B8000 portrayed in the framework functions, and gives you access to InternetTV too. They have a native resolution of 1920 x for high-definition television and movies seen 1080p, and the crowd has an image scaler, so you can view and different resolutions including 480i 480p, 1080i and resolutions, among others. Everything you see is available display a 46-inch LEDScreen and the unit is accessible in any case.

The UN46B8000 is offered by:

A bottom cover for wall mounting
A full-size wireless remote
A remote control mini-
Support Swivel
Remote Control Batteries
pre-loaded content
Safety Tips
Screws for stand mounting
The slim, smooth design UN46B8000
Warranty Information

BUY UN46B8000 Samsung and mount it on a wall or mounted on a support, the optionsare endless. You can apply for the use in the office or at home, and you are in any case obliged to enjoy the great features included with this super slim device. Will the casing beautiful slim estimate UN46B8000 Samsung, the black frame and a stylish design make this device easy to integrate something into your existing equipment!

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