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Should You Go For a 1080p Plasma TV?

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Before we start discussing on the subject matter, let us understand what 1080p stands for. It is a category of resolution, mainly referred to for a TV display. The resolution offers 1080 lines of vertical resolution, with progressive scanning as denoted by the letter “p”. Progressive scanning would mean that the picture generated by 1080p is not interlaced, a full image frame being displayed in one single pass. The scan matrix in a 1080p TV creates a frame resolution of 1920×1080, or 2,073,600 pixels in total. If you are going for 1080p Plasma TV, it is worthwhile if you consider a screen size of not less than 50 inches. For most situations a 1080p plasma TV less than 50 inch is probably not going to offer you the extra detail that 1080p has over 720p because you simply don’t see it from the distance you are at.

To find out the worth of 1080p Plasma TV, let us take one of the best TV in the market – the Pioneer’s new ELITE plasma TV model, the Pioneer PRO-FHD1. This TV has a 50 inch plasma screen with a 1080p signal, and fits in more than 2 million pixels in its screen. The pixels measures 0.576 millimeters, providing stunning picture quality, and when viewing the content in 1080p/24Hz, it truly gives a fantastic picture. The picture quality is so unique that you can see the beads of sweat on the athlete’s face, and the stitches of the football so clear, as it travels through the air.

Having said that, the question remains if it is worthwhile to buy a 1080p signal Plasma TV? The issue is quite confusing amongst the present Plasma TV buyers. There are no content being delivered in 1080p as of today, and has been heavily planned for the future. If you possess a high definition DVD player the matter may be different. The fact remains whether you should invest in a 1080p Plasma TV and block your money for the thing to happen in future, or go in for a 720p set.

To help you to decide, you would do well to ask yourself how long you are prepared to wait for making a jump to 1080p content. It could be one, two, or even three years, but the longer you wait, the sense in having a 720p Plasma TV becomes more sensible. You should understand that even if you buy a 1080p Plasma TV today, you would not see any change in picture quality with 720p signal going into that TV. On the other hand, if you consider going in for high definition in one year’s time, it makes sense for you to go for a 1080p Plasma TV.

You should consider all aspects before you invest in buying a 1080p or 1080i Plasma TV. As regards the question of viewing, it is hardly possible that you could tell the difference between 1080p, 1080i, or 720p plasma TV unless you sit at the right distance and watch the right content. On the other hand, when you view a photo, you would be able to see the difference in the picture quality between a 1080p and 720p. But then again virtually all the watching that you do on your TV is with moving images, and you will hardly notice the finer details in the picture that you are viewing. Walk into a showroom and try this out and you will understand the meaning of both the effects. If you should have a smaller TV, you would never notice the difference at all, while you sit at a standard distance from your Plasma TV. Your eyes will never be able to pick out the differences between the two picture qualities.

The price between a 720p and 1080p Plasma TV has a great difference. Before you decide to buy 1080p Plasma TV, you should consider the facts as related above and also check out the other guides related to this subject (follow the links at the bottom of this article). You could spend the price difference between 720p and 1080p more wisely by redirecting the money towards better contrast or color accuracy. Resolution is on the 5th place when it comes to factors that affect the overall picture quality. Color saturation, black levels (contrast) and white levels (brightness) are much more important for the overall experience.

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Plasma and LCD TVs – a comparison side-by-side

Want to know whether a plasma or an LCD TV would be best for your needs? Here's a side by side comparison to help you make an informed decision …

What is the difference between LCD and plasma TVs?

Plasma TV screens are made up of hundreds of thousands of gas-filled, light-colored cells. When an electric current passes through the cells light up and produce an image.

LCD TVScreens consist of a layer of liquid crystals between two glass plates. When current passes through the crystals, producing a series of small light-colored pixels and a photo.

What is the best picture?

Plasma TVs produce a more colorful LCD TV. This is based on the fact that plasma TVs display blacks better than LCD TVs, which provides better contrast in color and produces a lighter color.

LCD TV productionsharper image of a plasma TV because of their higher resolution.

What size TV are plasma and LCD TVs come in?

Plasma TVs have a size of 42 "to 65" wide, while the LCD TV is as small as 2 "wide and goes up to 65 cm in width." LCD TVs are thinner and lighter than plasma TVs.

Which is better for gaming?

Experience plasma TV screen "burn in" What happens when a still image is left too long on a screen, causing a ghostthis image burned into the screen. LCD TVs do not have this problem and are therefore a better choice if you play a lot of video on the TV.

It is a Plasma TV or LCD TV for?

Plasma TV has a screen of 30,000 to 60,000 hours, while LCD TVs have a longer life of 60,000 hours of screen o.

How much?

Recently I ran a check on prices of LCD and plasma TVs. The cheapestLarge-screen plasma TV was a 42-inch model for $ 999. The cheapest 42 "LCD TV is $ 1,367.

The cheapest 27 "LCD TV I found was $ 550, cheaper and 32" LCD TV was $ 619. There was no plasma TVs smaller than 42 ".

So what's the bottom line?

If you are the largest on the market for a 42-inch flat screen plasma TV or a type for the money. If you want a smaller TV or if you really areVideo games, then I recommend an LCD TV.

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Buying a TV – When is the Best Time?

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With so many television brands flooding the market, it is difficult to make the right choice to buy your desired television. Moreover, new models are making it to the market everyday. In fact, each year in the late summer and the early fall, new TV models make their way to the stores.

The best time to buy LCD and Plasma TVs

The general rule is that prices of LCD and Plasma TVs start dropping as their sizes keep increasing. Most of the viewers buy plasma or big-screen TV in the time of Super Bowl. However, according to consumer analysts, buyers should wait for sometime after a new model hits the market before buying. You should wait for six to twelve months before you buy HDTV or LCD TV, after a particular model has been launched because most Japanese manufacturers end their fiscal year in the month of March and the new models are launched after March. A few months after the launch, the price drops in the market. If you can wait for a year to buy a particular model then you are guaranteed to get the best technology for dirt-cheap rates.

Which are the cheapest TVs

The good old-fashioned CRTs are the cheapest TVs available. They come in all sizes and in all budgets. Standard picture tube TVs are becoming smarter in their looks everyday and if you were watching the TV from six feet distance then you would spot no difference between CRT and HD TV. Moreover, you get all sorts of discounts and buy back offers on these TVs throughout the year.

Do I really need 1080p

The fad for all TV sets this year is 1080p. However, most of these sets are taking a 1080i signal and then up converting it to 1080p but the connection of the sets do not originally support 1080p/60 input. Though this year, sets with 1080p/60 input are coming out, it is better that you do all the background work before going for your best future proof TV.

It appears quite impractical to upgrade your HDTV for the best picture in coming 2 to 8 years. However, if you are willing to buy a TV now then go for the sets, which have 1080p/60 inputs because buying a television is an investment.

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Samsung 55-inch LED-UN55C8000 3D TV

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I know it's something very "geek" to do … a group of friends-HD TV, but this is what I somehow managed to find myself with. The only reason I can think is why I share my enthusiasm for the HD TV with this (mostly) Guys … and you know what us men are a bit 'like when we upset.

So it was no surprise when I picked up the phone in a wild Bryn Seattle. I met Bryn a TV show in Seattle a few years ago, when, and weunderstood only in a couple of beers.

What was so excited about? Del, "I have a 3D'er he was thrilled! Wow, we were talking 3D a few months ago after my visit to London, but I think it was ddin't seriously." Yes, I went and got a Samsung 55-inch LED UN55C8000 3D TV "emerged, he said," It 's breathtaking, Del! "So, after sitting and listening to go on about how wonderful it was for a good twenty minutes, he finally said …

"But, man, come down and have aLook "

How could I refuse, so here's my contribution to 55-Inch LED 3D Bryn UN55B8000 new Samsung TV.

First a few words from Bryn … "It 's been a huge step to" go 3D "Teri and I knew he was not convinced, but I could not hide my emotion was when my (sorry, our) new UN55C8000 Samsung has finally been delivered. So, when My new Samsung was the "C" series, I looked at the box office and wondered what it would be. puff of sale promises "full 3D real life", "You areImmersed in the action "Add to that Jack has offered a package, the more you could attack the connectivity as Shake A and this TV has it all. According to Samsung, though."

"When Teri helped me to slip out of the box … at first sight – Oh, what a beauty."

Yes, it is an elegant slate surround and screen the darkest I've ever seen.

I was awe struck by the beauty of this thing!

Bryn said before, it took a bit 'to order. "Of course, children andTeri wanted right away, "but I'm glad I decided to read the manual properly and is not configured correctly, even if it took a bit '."

So if you get a 3D-TV, will be the initial pain for some pepared. Prepare the family for the configuration of time, especially if you have not tried Ray a new TV, DVD and surround sound installation first. Make sure not to understand Easy plug and look!

Fortunately, Bryn organized and logical way, so he has theWhat sesnible and sat down to read the manual – good move!

This is what he had to say about the configuration. "To" solve the A-stack connectivity, including wireless connectivity to things surround and Blu-Ray add, was a great task. There is also a load of "widgets" that is necessary to "Configure". . Yahoo, YouTube and Flickr for my money, this book is good – but I'm technical, so I am used to technical manuals, but it was good and to follow simple device "..

One ofthe things that drew the 3D Bryn UN55C8000 the Samsung 55 inch LED TV is that the built-in 3D is capable of normal 2D photos and turn them on. Bryn confessed to having found a little 'uncomfortable to get this to work well, though.

"I'm glad I bothered to go through the complete configuration and get this right the first time," he said.


If I had a look of truth, of course. The images are converted into 2D not the best. It tends to beBlur more or less … I believe the technical term is "cross talk". It is watchable, but not much more, so our hopes were for native 3D is not as high as it could have been. However, when we switched to a true 3D source and strength of the native 3D was alive … WOW! That's it – WOW!

Although … there is a different configuration address field. As with all 240Hz HDTVs are the "Spanish Soap Opera" look. No, I did not understand until I saw it. Then what? Well,this is an exaggerated effect, they expect that the producer makes the image look more like the ones you get when you actually go to the movies. Apparently there are many fans! Personally I find it hard to believe, because the image is sharp and clear as – I understand completely!

So UN55C8000 Samsung 55-inch 3D LCD TV is configured to be that way, and Bryn had to dig again, the system Meun a little 'to go to find the "off".

The effort is worth it even if the fullnative 3-D images was, it was almost unbelievable – the 3D is just incredible. Yes, I know what it sounds, but you could almost see – it's fantastic!

It is loud and clear, is simply amazing 3D and loved Bryn children. Apparently they saw Monsters vs. Aliens virtually non-stop. The paddle brillaint bit (yes, I blew up) and the space scenes in the beginning are simply breathtaking. We also had a look at Star Trek, the onlybrilliant in 3D, especially if they emerge from the rig. It was still the odd bit of "cross talk" with the native 3D, but very occasionally. Overall I was very, very impressed. E 'is also quite impressive that the 3D is still true if we all move a ay on the side of the screen.

It could be my way back to normal 2D to 3D would be a disappointment, but 1080p and 240Hz for brilliant images. With such an incredible color contrast of black screen when in BurtsLife is amazing I'm totally in awe of the image that it offers. deep rich color, but brilliant, rich, lively, bright, crystal, high contrast and astonishing … This is undoubtedly the best movie I've ever seen on TV.

The bottom line is that, in my humble opinion, the C series Samsung home entertainment takes a new and higher level.

Despite the bugs here and there that say that Samsung will send an update soon to be Bryn and his wonderful familyhappy with their new Samsung 55-inch LED UN55C8000 3D-TV.

Bryn said: "I paid my money and I took the chance to go to 3D, and I think I won – Big Time."

"It certainly was not cheap, the upgrade of the game – has surround sound, a 3D Blu-ray and, of course, remember to buy 3D glasses for the whole family!"

"But for less than $ 4K, now we have the home entertainment, and much of what we advance. I do not know how much time" "stay WOW factor, butAt this moment I do not care just because they love – and so are his family. At the moment it seems worth every penny! "

After watching today's Samsung LED TV UN55C8000 3D in action, I agree, and I now persuade Ali, let me also as an upgrade, and would not be easy, as I was only 240 / 1080 12 months!

So yes, I'd recommend 3D as a clear "yes." Go for it I do not think you'll be sorry!

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What is the best wall mount LCD TV Mount for TV?

Thus, the last member of your family have been preferred, and could not be happier. must choose the best wall-mounted LCD televisions now possible, so that information is properly awesome TV.

Well, there are a few ways, and one must take into account your personal preferences, before a wall bracket. Here are some things to see.

Joint owner – A wall mount joint is one of the best LCD displayTV wall mounts available. You have the choice to turn down the TV, it moves to the right, left, up or down.

There is a wide range of possibilities with this TV wall mounting. This is a great for a bedroom or a games room, because no matter where you are in space, you should be able to watch TV.

Flat Mount – A simple dish mount your TV mounted on the wall like a painting. This is one of the best LCD TV wallThe holders for the home or the '.

If you're a big TV on a wall placement, and do not have to worry about moving the screen, this is a good option. A disadvantage of this assembly is that you will not be able to watch TV in the bedroom, some areas in which, as you might with another type of mountain.

Tilt-mount – tilt mount is the ideal location for an HDTV in that one. If you look at the TV, you can tiltMove down screen for better viewing.

This is a disadvantage of this mountain, and it is only able to tilt up and down, left and right are not. It can be difficult to watch TV when the site goes to their release.

Swivel – With a swivel mount, LCD mount move from right to left so arch, so that the chance to see the page from the television.

However, the screen swivels and allowing a larger versionone or the other. This is one of the best LCD TV wall brackets for an industry in which they move a lot, including a fitness room, kitchen or game room.

Select the wall mount is best for you depending on what your needs. Decide what the television in his room and go from there.

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