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What to Look For When Buying Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs are high-end television sets with screens generally larger than conventional TV sets. Such sets are made from a plasma display panel. There are two glass panels that consists many small cells. A mixture of two gases, Xenon and Neon are present inside the cells. These gases are turned into plasma electrically. It then excites the phosphors to produce light. They are a type of flat panel display. The screen size of a plasma set is more than 940mm or 37 inch. Plasma TVs are commonly confused with LCD TVs. LCD is another kind of large screen TV, but with different features.

There are two basic types of Plasma TVs.

- HDTV or High Definition TV

- EDTV or Enhanced Definition TV

The resolution of HDTV is 1024*768 whereas the resolution of EDTV starts from 852*480.

When buying your plasma TV, you need to keep some basic points in mind, you need to look for some basic services that this TV should provide you. If your TV fails to meet up the basic criteria, it is not worth buying a plasma Television.

All plasma TVs have some basic features. You need to do a little research before buying, so that you can compare the additional positive features and can buy the best one. The features that usual plasma TVs provide are,

- HDTV support

- Screen size

- Appearance

- Display resolution

- Connectivity

The price is another important factor that you should keep in your mind. Usually plasma TVs cost a very large amount. So sort out your plan accordingly. First make your budget. Then you need to find the brand that will give you all the facilities and some added advantages that other brands do not provide and that too within your budget. Do check whether the model is in a proper working condition or not. Beware of fake companies selling second hand refurbished TVs as a brand new model. Such models are not dependable and can fail within a short period of time.

Another important factor that you should keep in mind before buying a plasma TV is to be very specific about the resolution of your TV. Previously the resolution used to be quite low. Such lower resolution was only capable of supporting standard definition Television. Nowadays more high-resolution models are available and the standard definition television has become completely obsolete. Nowadays, a 42 inch plasma television comes with a resolution of 1024 X 768. The screen resolution of 50 inch sets varies from 1280 X 720 to 1366 X 768. It is better not to settle with any model that provides a lower resolution at almost an equal price.

The screen size of you television is immensely important. Usually a plasma TV screen ranges between 42 inches to 70 inches. A higher sized screen is also available. However, less than 42 inches has become outdated. When buying your TV, you must be aware of the screen size as well as the measurement of your room or hall where you plan to keep it. Always buy a screen that fits in your room and suits your interior decoration. Another important factor is the viewing distance. There should be enough viewing space left after placing the large screen TV. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most out of the television set.

Providing the right space for your television is a very important factor. The place where you should keep it usually depends on the type of plasma TV you are buying. The structure of plasma TVs are sleek, so it will be better to keep them on table or wall mounted. Do not place it over or near the fireplace. The fireplace generates heat, which is harmful for the longevity and performance of your TV. For a table mount plasma TV, you need to measure the width of the screen. Make sure that you have enough space to keep it properly. Leave at least one or two inches from both sides, back and top side of your TV because the heat generated by it can harm the quality of the sound and picture. This extra space is required for the connection access and ventilation.

Paying proper heed to the features and connectivity of a plasma TV before buying is essential. A plasma TV must consist all those inputs so that it could be connected with various devices. It must contain, RGB, S-Video, Composite, HDMI, Component, etc. It will be better if you also search for a model that will provide side and front panel audiovisual inputs for hooking up a games console and even a camcorder. If so, a USB 2.0 connection and HDMI port has to be there included with the front panel.

Plasma TVs are flat screen and they provide you the option of viewing from both sides and centre. If you find it difficult to watch it beyond a 45-degree angle or you find the picture faded from that angle, then it is not worth buying that model.

The picture brightness is another good quality of such TVs which sets them apart from other TVs. Most of them are capable of regulating their brightness automatically to the level of light in the room. When buying a plasma television, opt for the one which provides a brightness ratio of 550cd/m2.

To conclude, when looking to buy a plasma screen TV, be sure to compare the market to get a good deal. The perfect plasma screen will not be too big for your room, will have an appropriate sized screen for you and your viewing habits, have the capability to connect to your other audio-visual equipment and will be a sensible price. Although plasma screen TVs are very desirable and stylish, not all models will suit all buyers so be sure to consider your options carefully.

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Sony is always a first class electronic products and the Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-52W4100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV is right there with the other top Sony products. high-definition television has arrived in recent years that Sony has gone beyond its competitors.

The Sony Bravia W series of Sony TV is where the tip of 120Hz high definition. The W-Series offers 120Hz in hisHigh Definition TV really allows high-definition TV models offer speed sports and action scenes beg for smooth motion virtually free of visual artifacts that do not get the old TV.

The Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-52W4100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with Sony's Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit Engine works dynamically deliver deep black levels, details about the lights and some other high-definitionTV can not match. 24p True Cinema provides a direct connection to 24p video sources, avoiding conversions and offers 24p film-quality image. Extensions to sound as Sony S-Force Front Surround technology paint the viewing area with sound and Voice Zoom determine how much noise you can hear the voices against the public. The Sony Bravia model also offers easy access to all our needs for support and video games. The remote control-52W4100 52-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV is also high functioning to have their needs for any type of KDL can enjoy.

Get the best price below our price comparison site, only to find whatever product you want.

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Year in and year out, there have a lot of models introduced in the market. Samsung LE40A786R2 LCD is a 403 wide screen LCD, Panasonic TX19LXD8 LCD Television, and SHARP LC-37D5U 37″ LCD are among the models newly manufactured. Hence, contemporary Televisions have totally outmoded the conventional Cathode Ray tube. At present, instead of the latter, the newer televisions have greatly invaded the abodes of customers during the previous years. LCD TV and Plasma TV are the most loved and admired TV choices by consumers at this moment, hence, regarding them as the two highly significant forms of contemporary TVs.

Plasma TVs are operated by a fluorescent bulb and its images are created by neon-xenon gases. In contrast, LCD TV is a slim, flat gadget which has two glass panels whose light are sourced from outside. Sandwiched in these panels are liquid crystals. The manner of selecting between these two Televisions, several features are very much important. How long will the TV last? Does it provide a good image quality? How about the power expenditure? These queries need responses and they shall be discussed together with some other factors. Surely, you will be given a general idea of the advantages each television have.

Viewing AnglesPlasma takes the lead in this feature as it provides numerous comfy angles while viewing.

Image Quality- Undoubtedly, Plasma TV provides a more superior image quality as compared to LCD Television since the pictures screened in the former are clearer and more detailed.

Display Resolution – Undeniably, Plasma and LCD TVs are capable of Hi-definition depending on the screen resolution. But if we try matching both up, LCD TVs will win over Plasmas considering screen resolution.

Screen Burn-Ins - This is a dilemma suffered by Plasma TVs. Hence, said TV is not a proper to select of you desire playing games with it.

Power Consumption – Who among the two absorbs lesser power? LCD TVs as against Plasma TVs. Hence, there is a little tendency that the gadget will heat up in a little moment. As for plasmas, heating up is one of its downsides necessitating fans to cool down.

Costs - After a thorough price hunt has been done, it was uncovered that huge plasma television sets costs lesser than its LCD counterpart. It is the other way around if the subject is medium or small sized TVs. In the latter case, cheap LCD TVs reign.

Some Other Points of Variation There are other features associated with both types of television sets that make them advantageous in their own ways. These features are compiles as follows:

Other than the aforementioned factors, the following are additional features which will highlight who between the two will reign:

o The Plasma TVs provide more superior motion tracking features than LCD TV.

o The LCD TV screens survive longer than plasma screens

o LCD televisions are slimmer and may be obtained in lesser weight as compared to Plasma TVs.

o Plasma televisions are manufactured at a large size which is not true in LCD TVs.

Therefore, after the aforementioned facts, it cannot be denied that the two contending televisions are market rulers having their unique and amazing features. If you seek a television, your preferences should be more superior to other influencing factors although the latter must still be present. Try searching also some consumer reviews so that you. You may also search for user reviews on the Internet while making a choice as to which you should by. Thereafter, enjoy all that your obtained TV can offer.

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Videocon LCD TV DTH Service

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Videocon is a well-known brand and a major player in the market for electronic products. Videocon has always known what good quality at affordable prices to the customer. As the technology grows Videocon has also taken the step and has a new series of ultra thin, flat screen LCD models with amazing and fulfilling the international quality standards has Videocon. The market with renewed enthusiasm to take into

LCD TV designstarted by Videocon have the technology to receive, directly or DTH Direct-to-Home. No-top box set is necessary, LCD required with Videocon. So this is an added benefit for customers, are waiting to buy a TV.

The new range of LCD TV from Videocon has an attractive design with technical advance. The screen display and the color model is a selection of millions of people. The key is pulling is amazing ultra-thinAppearance (just 35mm thick), the shares hit 100000:1 contrast, high resolution up to 1080p, and many others.

LCD TV, there is no problem of space, you can hang on the wall and enjoy the perfect masterpiece for your home. This new range from Videocon TV portal.All are several online shopping you have to do is order, choose the model according to the price and location. But be cautious in selecting suppliers for you. Go online and searchthe best. Videocon has offered better deals, with affordable large set of DTH services in India.

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The 40-inch Full High-Definition Sony KDL40EX403 is a wonderful home theater system that takes into account the experience of television and the Internet. With this TV enjoy sharing photos, videos, movies and music, through association with HDMI and USB, and you can also use Wi-Fi speed connections to Internet content and services. In addition, it also offers a space-saving integrated DVB-T digital tuner that allows you to allow free access to over fiftydigital channels without the need to subscribe or cable / satellite pay services such as Sky and Virgin.

Powered by the BRAVIA Engine 3

The Sony is a technology driven by the BRAVIA Engine KDL40EX403, processing, provides an excellent image and advanced. This allows users to access the new chip set and software for image editing, high-contrast, color rendition and clarity is to win, which is always picture perfect view, whateverYou are currently viewing.

Wi-Fi Ready

And since Sony is KDL40EX403 TV can deliver your web content, has Wi-Fi. However, you must use an external wireless adapter to connect to the Internet without wires. All you have to do is connect a wireless adapter to the USB port of your TV or a Blu ray Disc.

ambient light sensor detects light, and saves energy

The Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX403also figure armed with a ambient light sensor that adjusts the TV is instinctive, so that the lights play with the color and brightness temperature of the ambient temperature. This ensures that you get the best possible viewing experience, whether day or night, regardless of whether the room is dark or well lit. The ambient light sensor also allows you to save energy, especially if the TV is on standby.

Live Colour frameAllows the show, the colors of real life

The Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX403 Live Colour function, you can find the colors more vivid, realistic, sharp and vibrant. Live Colour function produces images that make life more fair, and allows you to enjoy pictures of all this, as previously established that life never seen in any TV. Live Colour function is to twist the game more exciting and longer life – as never before, you certainly do not want to play videoSomeone else's home game again.

Check out movies in 24 frames per second

With 24p True Cinema mode, you will be able to return in the way that the director really wanted to see you. With 24p True Cinema, the film at a speed of 24 frames per second, the way they are actually shown on the big screen played. interesting and innovative features including over the KDL40EX403 Sony also complete all the necessary connections. E 'has 4 HDMI ports, two of which are on the back and 2 on the side to allow you to connect HD sources like a PlayStation game console and Blu-ray Disc logo.

With a superb sound system that is well balanced and organized, and the ability to produce exposures, accurate colors and sharp images that do not reach all its KDL40EX403 Sony. The high-definition component is excellent, even greater viewing distances, and 'viewing angle provides a good viewno matter where you sit in your living room or TV room.

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