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Sony Bravia KDL52V5500 HD LCD TV Review

Image : http://www.flickr.com

The black levels, contrast ratio, motion processing and detail of the Sony Bravia KDL-52V5500 go beyond what you would expect from an LCD TV. Sony has constantly driven the boundaries in taking full advantage of the capabilities of LCD picture quality and this television does as well.

The Sony Bravia KDL-52V5500 is great for Blu-ray and other HD sources. The best Blu-ray experience can be seen on a Sony TV, and this Bravia LCD is no exception. The created picture on this TV possesses amazingly clear detail and brilliant colours. Blu-ray film motion is very high-quality, although not up to the standards of the costlier W5500s which have Sony’s Motion flow 100 hertz motion processing. On dimly lit scenes back lighting sometimes comes through at the corners and mars the picture that has so many excellent qualities.

It is a pity that the screen illumination on this Sony KDL52V5500 TV isn’t more even because if it was then this TV would be ahead of all of its competition at this price point – fortunately this isn’t always apparent. However the sonic and visual performance on standard definition and HD Blu ray sources is still outstanding. Occasionally on a number of images, there is a little bit of edge shimmering however this is barely perceptible unless you are trying to find it.

Even at this surprisingly low price for an LCD television of this quality, this Sony Bravia offers superior sound quality by comparison to other models with its crystal clear sound and deep bass.

The Sony KDL52V55000 has deep, dark blacks combined with super brilliant whites and an outstandingly detailed picture, in particular on Hi Definition sources. It will give you bright, exciting colours as well as great smooth flowing motion. Even though the backlighting is less than desirable, the positives outweigh the negative, and you should definitely consider a purchase.

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Location Free TV: Sony’s Entertainment Pioneer

As televisions get larger, brighter, and more colorful it can be difficult to imagine what will be next. Will it be 3D, interactive, or perhaps more of a “virtual” experience? All of these things may well be in the future but for now one of the most unique offerings is “location free” TV. Sony’s 12″ portable LCD LF-X11 offers a type of flexibility that is new in the industry with its battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled touch screen. This dual band wireless TV allows users to enjoy movies, programs, and even internet access/e-mail from any room in the house and even outdoors. Just as cordless phones 20 years ago freed us from needing a phone on the wall in every room, so this television may well free us from a screen in every room. Whether on the patio or out in the garage, the LF-X11 provides quality audio and video without disturbance from microwave ovens or cell phones.

Away from home, this television allows users to enjoy A/V content and internet access by connecting to their Base Station via any public wireless access point: airports, hotels, internet cafes, and other hotspots. This portable LCD monitor weighs in at just over 5 lbs and comes with the Base Station for the living room that weighs only 1 lb. Complete with a handle and stand this 12″ monitor is truly portable.

This Sony television even offers a memory stick port which allows users to view their photos on the LCD screen. The on-screen universal remote with learning capabilities is also a welcomed addition, giving users more control.

The future of most electronics devices is hard to determine but with most items going wireless, allowing users to be more mobile perhaps this direction of location free television should have been anticipated. For the Sony LF-X11 the future is now.

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Yearning to acquire a flat screen Television? If so, are your concerns include the fact that you cannot settle on which sort is best for you to purchase, either Plasma or an LCD TV? To start with, it is assumed that you are familiar with the initial concern that the inquiry concerning burn-in is actually not a set back which was originally a concern regarding Plasma Televisions. It may be proper to mention that it is not similarly terrible as it was during the epoch of the older version of Plasma Television. Hence, so that you could settle on which sort of television you are intending to purchase, three queries must be responded to. The following are some principles that might guide you in selecting which is suitable for you.

Reflections and Brightness produced by the Screen

The first query to respond to is if the room in which you are to view your Television is sufficiently lighted or is it dark. In turn, the query whether there is a surrounding light in the said room exists arises. Determining whether the light within the room is sufficient is one which is among the highly significant factors to consider in picking out Plasma over an LCD Television or vice versa. For Plasma TVs, when the surrounding light existing in a room increases, a corresponding decrease in the image quality in the said television occurs. On the other hand, for LCD TVs, it still normally functions but much more superior than plasma TVs in a sufficiently lighted room.

Speaking of image quality, both the Plasma and the LCD TV provide such differently, plus said image quality is dependent on the quantity of surrounding light existing inside the room. A Plasma Television provides a more superior image quality when watched under a little light in the surrounding environment. This is for the reason that it has a more enhanced contrast ratio plus it has dark black levels which is not present in LCD TV. However, if the former sort of television is watched under a well lighted room, the image quality would appear weaker as compared to what will appear in the latter sort. The primary cause of the said instance is the glare plus the reflections originating from the surrounding light.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned minor concern regarding Plasmas, to some extent, has been dealt with by its manufacturers. At present, several of the finest Plasma Televisions has with it the incorporation of an anti-glare screen hence, the surrounding light’s consequence is very much reduced as regards the image quality. Glass is what comprises the Plasma TV screen and with an extraordinary treatment made to said glass panel, there is a corresponding resistance as against glare and reflections originating from lights. The outcome of the anti-glare treatment made to the glass screen decreases the bouncing of light against the glass was in fact substantial. This is not what you get when you view the television in a weakly lighted room since the ambient lights do not bounce on your Plasma TV screen then back into your eyes. Hence, if you have the intention to do the viewing of your television in a weakly lighted room, the most ideal choice to purchase is a Plasma TV coupled with an anti-glare coating. Nowadays, top-notch Plasma TVs are now all over the marketplace whereby anti-glare screens are incorporated in it in order to trim down the bouncing of surrounding light within the room.

Size of the Monitor

If you fancy a huge flat panel, minor price lead is with the Plasma TV as against LCD TVs. Even cheap LCD TVs can’t beat the same. In addition, Plasmas found all over the marketplace have screens which is not lesser than 42 inches. However, there is a possibility that sooner or later Plasma TVs out in the market would have screens measuring 32 inches. In essence, if what you desire is a small Hi-Def TV, the only choice available for you is an LCD Television.

Response Duration Comparison

Normally, when a movie having swift incidents is viewed on a plasma Television, the same television will proffer a lead as against LCD Television. This is for the reason that it has a lesser response duration. As a consequence, Plasma TV is positioned right ahead when the viewing content is one on sports and games. In an LCD TV, you will perceive a smudge surrounding the frames of the matters in motion while viewing speedy moving events like basketball. This is true in all brands such as Sharp Aquos LCD TV, LG LCD TV, Panasonic LCD TV, Toshiba LCD TV, and Samsung LCD TV. It must however be born in mind that playing games through a plasma TV for a long duration is not advisable for the reason that the same is vulnerable to burn-in. On the other hand, LCD TVs are at present coupled with speedy response time and are all over the marketplace. In fact, you can obtain a version that responds in 5ms or even lesser. However, it must likewise be remembered that if you desire a clear image, what is advisable for you to take is one which has a lesser response time or great refresh rate.

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Samsung UN55b8500 55 Inch LED HDTV

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Unrivaled Picture Quality

With the Samsung UN55B8500 55″ LED HDTV you get the best contrast, color, and clarity that has ever hit the market. 7,000,000:1 (7 million!) contrast ratio is hands down unbelievable. This LED TV only displays the deepest blacks and the purest whites. To help display a wide range of sharp natural colors the UN55B8500 uses Advanced Color Processing. To keep the blur to NONE (okay maybe if a bullet goes my it might have slight blur) the Samsung 8500 series uses Auto Motion Plus technology. This cuts out 99.9% of motion blur leaving your picture clean and crisp.

Paper Thin

1.6″ thick! Take your thumbs and press them side by side. That’s how thick the Samsung UN55B8500 55″ LED HDTV is! They really filled this tiny package with the most amazing technology yet. You won’t have any problem finding a spot for this LED TV. It comes with a stand that has a unique crystal clear neck and the option to mount it right on your wall.


Auto Motion Plus really delivers the highest quality picture ever seen. Every fraction of a second, every single frame goes through Auto Motion Plus before it gets to your eyes. Every frame is analyzed and adjusted so that everything comes out Blur Free just the way you want it!


Samsungs UN55B8500 55″ LED HDTV comes with Wide Color Enhancer Pro. This is where the picture really comes to life. Color Enhancer Pro takes each and every pixel in a frame and stretches it to its 3-dimensional limit. This makes the picture look like its almost popping out of the screen, and the colors are breathtaking!

Customize Your Samsung LED TVs

Sick of TV? Nothing on? Pull up your Samsung TVs sidebar and see whats going on online. You can check photos on flickr, get updates from yahoo, or check on your stocks. Easily download widgets to make your Samsung personalized. Samsung went to extremes when they created this LED TV.

Hook Up Effortlessly

You can easily check out you new pictures, listen to music, or watch a video you recorded. The Samsung UN55B8500 55″ LED HDTV gives you lots of options when it comes to multimedia. You can wirelessly link multiple computers, or DLNA mobile devices. Hook up a camera, MP3 player, or thumb drive with there handy USB ports. A feature I personally thought was really cool is the Samsung Multi-Media Center. This lets you scroll through your pictures, music or videos with the LED TVs Remote! Really handy.

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Picking the Perfect Plasma TV

Image : http://www.flickr.com

When upgrading to a new TV these days, consumers have a couple of options. They can choose to replace their TV with an old style digital, LCD or possibly even one of the many Plasma televisions on the market. This decision is not an easy one, but the qualities of each soon becomes apparent after a bit of research.

The benefits of Plasma televisions in comparison to other TVs on the market are simply never ending. The detail as far as technology goes and the combination of features that are incorporated into Plasma televisions these days is something that simply cannot be competed with. Of course, all of these advantages come at a price, as they can be quite costly if you don’t shop online from a name you can trust.

There are a few things that buyers should take into account when they are looking to buy a new television. Look at the features they require, the budget they have, the size they want and what sort of brand they are looking to purchase. If a buyer can highlight all of the above parts of their purchase, then they will quickly be able to allocate one of the many Plasma TVs that are right for them.

First of all, a budget is essential. A lot of people find themselves thinking about spending a certain amount, only to end up spending much more on credit and eventually getting themselves into debt. The reality is that this does not need to happen, as long as you set a reasonable budget in the first place.

Of course, to actually set a budget, they need to find out all of the other information. So starting with features, they need to figure out exactly what they need. The more features a TV has, the more expensive it is likely to be.

The same goes for size as well. Although having huge Plasma televisions might seem like good fun, it is certainly going to cost you more than a smaller one and it might not be right for your living room. Get a happy medium in terms of size and money.

Finally, choosing the brand can be extremely difficult. It is sometimes very tempting to go for an inferior brand as the price is so much less. The reality is, a lot of these brands have little or no after sales care, which means if something goes wrong with the TV, the buyer could be in trouble. In the long run, it is always good to go with an established brand offering a manufacturer’s warranty.

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