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How to Protect Your LCD, LED Or Plasma TV From Damage

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Now a day Gaming platforms are standard in most home these days. And in fact the children and some adults also love playing them. Though they are fun playing but they also put your TV at risk of getting damages. If we count every year many thousands LCD, LED TV are getting broken as a result of children throwing their hand-held gaming devices, these accident are results of anger, disappointment or even sometimes unintentionally they just loose the control of remote or gaming devices, resulting in scratches and cracks on the screen surface.

If once your screen of LCD or plasma TV has be scratched it cannot be repaired of cannot be replaced with a new screen. Companies do not offer the screen alone as they know these accidents very common. The warranty your retailer will give you for your new TV, in most cases, does not cover accidental screen contact. The reason is very much clear as it is not that easy to change the damaged screen as changing a circuit inside a TV. So now you have to replace you TV totally means a cost of buying a new television. Buying a new television is not easy for all of us as loosing that much of money can be difficult.

Do you think this cost can be saved? Yes just by taking a little step of installing a screen protector on your television. The piece of TV protector is so much deceptive that an Unknown person can note even detect that a screen guard is attached to your LCD TV. A TV screen Protector is very cheap in comparison to the cost of repairing or even sometimes replacing a new TV. The job of these protectors is to take the damage or hit on themselves and leave the screen behind them untouched at all. A standard TV Protector will be hick enough approximately 6-8mm and should be held on TV in such a way that allow to flex and do not hit the screen when hit by some toy or any hand-held device.

It is very easy to use the TV protector as it save the sweeping out your screen which consist a fear or being scratched.you can clean occasionally the TV screen protector as it is necessary for maintaining the clarity and picture quality. When we talk about picture quality after installing a protector you do not have to worry about it. But the light positioning in the room must be in this way that is does not suffer by reflections or glare on screen. The screen protector itself is optically clear and will not distort the image.

After using it for sometimes people even might forget that a screen guard is installed on the TV. The screen protector also assures display quality for a long time. So a TV screen protector is the decent solution of all problems relate to the screens. People who want to save themselves from getting in to troubling situation must buy a screen protector and there are various choices available to choose which suites your TV system.

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The Sony KDL40S5500 is a LCD TV that includes many interesting features, high-tech. It allows you to detail really excellent film and television in high definition offers a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The viewer can enjoy amazingly clear images from real BRAVIA Engine 2 image enhancement technology. Here are the other benefits has the KDL40S5500.

Powered by the BRAVIA Engine 2

The BRAVIA Engine2 technology offers the latest technologies like Advanced Contrast Enhancer and innovative noise reduction features. This advanced technology TV also offers four new stages of image processing. In addition, the BRAVIA Engine 2 is also combined all-digital signal processing of signals, which often results provides clear and amazingly vivid colors, and sounds better and more natural. When you watch your favorite movies and TV show, the colorsare very deep and detailed, and the brightness and contrast are sharp, clear and detailed.

You can set the tone and image through the scene selection

The scene selection feature, you can easily put the image and sound and television and also to change what the scene you see, I am currently with a push of a button on the remote. Users can also choose from a variety of options, including sports, movies, games, and includeothers. The scene select function ensures that the settings for picture and sound really accentuate and reflect the content.

Creating a number of energy-saving features

The KDL40S5500 Sony also offers a wide range of environment friendly energy saving features. These include idle standby TV, PC power management, energy saving and light sensor. Each of the power-saving features is easily accessible, and all it takes is a single button.

Turn your TVA digital camera with USB Photo Viewer

Another wonderful quality of the Sony KDL40S5500 is simply that the giant-screen TV display in a digital camera via the USB Photo Viewer option. If your Cyber-shot digital SLR camera or card reader, USB Photo Viewer has customizable settings to share and modify to allow your photo, and you can also create photo albums and slide-show presentations, and add your own Tracks -Photos as a screen saver standby.

Enjoy the real-life cinematic experience with 24p True Cinema

To help you and your family enjoy living a true and real film, the KDL40S5500 Sony 24p True Cinema-option, play movies at 24 frames per second, just like the way he plays on the big screen. Televisions from conventional ' On the other hand, only the second film of the game at 25 fps. The TV also includes an adjustable wallBracket for easy mounting anywhere at home. This TV, with other models BRAVIA offers many energy-saving features, the TV menu in parentheses are environmentally friendly that are easily accessible from the inside also has a management mode PC power, switch the TV stand-by, especially when no signal is received from a computer within 30 seconds.

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How does the TV LED light?

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Thanks good movie experience through its definition, photos, high, LED TV what everyone wants to have their homes. Each of the LED-TV says it was the perfect television they have, but it annoyance, why? What does get LED TV including TV, please explore all the wonders around the LED lighting so that the TV is television's number one.

LEDTV is actually an LCD television, the technology uses Light Emitting Diode light bulb instead of the normal lighting of the lights through the LCD TV that fluorescence. The latest LED technology in all high-definition TV signal noise. LED HDTV is known for its slimming and beautiful images in real time as. The great advantage of LED HDTV is the combination of the advantages you can get the plasma TV and LCD TV in the use of fluorescentLighting. We announced the death photos of LCD TVs with a fluorescent light that can not be a deep black screen and plasma TV is not the project is unclear. But projects such as LED HDTV plasma TV and a deep black brightness than LCD TVs.

In LED technology, are what we call light LEDs with local dimming LED EDGE and all-Slim. You are amazed by the slim TV or mobile phones, mostYour neighbor? With this impression, then you are impressed by the light used to illuminate the product. LEDs are widely known for its cutting-edge technology and elegant for the LEDs. There are two core components of LED EDGE, is the first light guide plate, the module is like a thin plastic plate and the second is a LED light produced by a series of small white diodes used. What did you do an HDTV are four rows of LED modulesDesigned on the law, bottom, left top panel TV. In order to avoid misrepresentation and shades of colors are displayed, the lights are evenly distributed.

A bright light is a problem that sometimes wake up in the use of LED Edge. There are clear reflections, or the computer can be found on the laptop, TV on mobile phones, the local dimming LED Edge has uncovered. Through this local dimming can have the level oflighting used. Dazzling images can disturb your eyes with a perfect, can weaken with local dimming LED backlighting. One of the advantages of LEDs is that save more energy, which is due to the process of electroluminescence. It is a process of creating light simultaneously.

On the side of the all-LED lighting, which is most commonly used thin HDTV now allows you to bring a resolution cinematic experience in your home because of his best picture, recorded with sharpThe quality of color and the perfect ratio of gamma and luminance.

If you're wondering why we have to know the house for things, simply because the TV LEDs are more expensive than other TV then it is better to have the choice of an LED TV that fits.

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LED TV – what you do not tell you in the Store!

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The LEDs used in LED TVs are generally found in three forms very different, we will see below these a bit, 'but the record is important to have a basic understanding of the dynamics RGB LED lamps, white board, and full-array LEDs when assessing the different types of television. After all these expensive investments and it is a lot of "BS" flying around!

What consumers do not know most is that the majority of LED TVmarketed as such are not really TV LED 's. They are in fact LED-backlit LCD TV! OLED, OEL or AMOLED display technology is very different from Current TV on the house 'in Italy, you can set the person concerned to know why the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), although not to contradict the use of LED TV they need the technology on all advertising media are clarified.

With differentThe advantages compared to conventional CCFL backlight TV – remember the big square, which used mom and dad? Power consumption is reduced rapidly and offers a rare combination of performance and economy. The sharpness of the images and the quality is amazing and really brings your movies and to life. The next "big" on television is the combination of 3D-TV display with old linens crisp red and green of the next generation, and produce a new game world Opportunities.

Many people are getting confused between LCD and LED, and who can blame them? To eliminate once and for all televisions sold as TV LED LED Backlight LCD TVs really only the light side!

The technology is actually a mixture of the two terms. The 42-inch widescreen LED LG 3D-Internet-TV with DVB-T HD is one of the few models, the light is back on the side. This is also a 3-DTV> so that the additional LED lighting really helps the images of pop-screen in 3D mode.

The good news is that despite the deceptive marketing tactics a bit '"LED LCD-TV", offering several advantages over LCD only, namely:

1] Best Picture
2] Enhance contrast
3] Best Color
4 Consumer] consumption and reduced operating costs
5] Advanced features – HD, Internet TV, 3D-Ready
View 6] Thinner

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Flat Screen Plasma TV

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The Plasma monitor was invented in the 1960s at the University of Illinois. This was however a monochrome display, which is capable of displaying only in shades of one color. Building on this, by 1992, the Japanese company Fuji was able to produce the world’s first color monitor that used plasma technology.

Plasma monitor work on a simple principal. CRT TVs use pixels that light up to display an image. In Plasma TV s these pixels are replaced by thousands of small cells placed between two glass panels. The cells are filled with Noble Gases Helium, Xenon or Neon and long electrodes are placed between the glass plates, scattered in front and behind the cells. Behind the cells, along the back glass plate address electrodes are placed. Electrodes insulated by a dielectric material and enclosed in a magnesium oxide layer for protection are placed along the front panel. These electrodes are known as transparent display electrodes. When electricity charges the electrodes a voltage difference occurs between the front and back panels. This causes the gas molecules to ionize and form plasma. The ions move towards the electrodes and when they collide, photons (small packets of energy that make up light beams) are released. The cells are coated with Phosphors to create the different colors needed to see images in color. Since stopping the current to a particular cell can control the activation of the cell, plasma monitors offer better picture quality than CRTs. This is because they have zero motion blur and provide more accurate color reproduction with better contrasts.

flat screen plasma TVs bring in another advantage. No longer are the televisions sets eating up in to your living room space. Some of the latest found in the market are light as 45 pounds and are only an inch thick. It can easily be hung like a painting in your living room wall. By mounting the monitor to a wall, you place the monitor at ideal height to obtain the best in image quality. There are also quite affordable and within the budget range of many people.

Improvement in technology has overcome many of the drawbacks of the first plasma TVs. The time it takes for a panel’s brightness to reduce by half, called the ‘half-life’ has been extended to around 60,000 hours. This is compatible with other displays types available on the market. Some of the disadvantages of older equipment, like ‘burn in’ have also been reduced, though not eliminated completely. Another drawback of is that helium and co are susceptible to high altitude, where the reduced pressure affects them. At the same time compared to television sets that depend on other technology, flat screen plasma TVs offer the biggest possibility of making large displays. At present up to a 150-inch diagonal length are within the scope of this technology. People who wish to purchase larger TVs prefer plasma TV sets.

From an environment the point of view, flat screen plasma TVs are among the biggest global warming contributors in the television production industry. Also plasma screens have more energy consumption compared to others like LCD Displays.

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