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Sony KDL-26L5000 26-inch LCD HDTV

Technical Specifications: Sony KDL-26L5000 is one of the newest models, 26-inch Sony LCD HDTV resolution. It is a 720p HDTV with 1366 x 768. The dynamic contrast ratio of 13000:1 coupled produces sharp images, vivid and realistic. For audio, this model comes with a set of stereo speakers that produce a total of 16 watts of audio output. It comes with a variety of standard ports, 3 HDMI and 2 HD component containsConnections.

Design: The Sony KDL-26L5000 measures 26.7 x 17.1 x 3.7 cm and weighs 19.2 kg. This model sports a classic design LCD HDTV with a glossy black screen bezel and stand. The lights on the lower right side of the screen. The frame of the screen appears a bit 'thick, makes the screen look a little' smaller than it actually is. Overall this is a good-looking LCD HDTV to your home with no effort to fit inEntertainment system or your living room.

Features and benefits: 26-inch Sony KDL-26L5000 is the kitchen make a great resource for any small rooms or areas, such as your office, bedroom, children o. It would also be good as a computer monitor showy. How many models of Sony LCD, the quality of video playback on this basic model is very good, especially considering its price. Whether it's gaming, watching HD video, or standardDefinition film, LCD model performed well. Currently, Sony KDL-26L5000 is the HDTV sales of approximately $ 375 per unit, which LCD is a great price for a 26-inch.

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Samsung LCD TV Review UN55B8000

Image : http://www.flickr.com

The Samsung LCD TV UN55B8000 (a device with LED backlighting) is a new series of LCD TVs from Samsung, which is thin crisp, consumes very little power (compared to other LCD TV and Plasma TV) and has also produced picture quality excellent.

The most interesting feature of UN55B8000 LCD TV is its ultra-thin design extreme. With a thickness of only 1.2 inches, only UN55B8000 can be hung on the wall like a picture, but it is important to note that the useful featuresare not sacrificed with this profile extremes.

There are three areas of excellence in UN55B8000:

Image quality.
ECO green operation.
Access to the Internet.

Image Quality

First of all, the picture quality is very high. This is the LED backlight technology. Normal LCD TVs use fluorescent tubes for backlighting, which will never be completely turned off so that the contrast ratio down. high levels of contrast, the technology can be achieved at the LEDBecause the individual LEDs can be switched off completely and that means crisp life like images that have a cinematic quality.

In addition, LCD TVs have suffered from image blurring, can overcome this with proprietary processing UN55B8000 Automotion and also operating at four times the speed of other LCD TV (240Hz). The image processing to interpolate the missing frames for the action sequences, so do not miss the details.

ECO green operation

Green operationall because of you profile theminimum LED components and generally smaller, there are three advantages:

Low power consumption (40% less than a normal LCD TV).
smaller package size and weight – so the whole carbon footprint of delivery is reduced.
Toxic chemicals – there are no toxic mercury, as there are tubes.

Access to the Internet.

LED TV UN55B8000 has access to the Internet (via Ethernet cable or wirelessPoint). You can also update your software on the Internet. Using a proprietary interface of the widget you can UN55B8000 streaming content from YouTube and Flicker, and Samsung's own source of access to online content.

This evaluation was limited to the capacity of concerned UN55B8000 which includes several points of connection (4 HDMI, 2 USB and more) and DLNA connection protocol. In addition to complete connections available (which simply connects to a BlueRay disc, XBOX360 or PS3, etc.), there has also built a library of content. Still, there are game modes, imaging and better sound processing to give the ultimate experience Gamine.

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If your main goal is to use an LCD as a computer monitor, the additional costs to the functions of an LCD TV as a built-in HDTV or analog tuner, analog AV and HDMI inputs and other features needed for television-like performance , the additional things that may not need.

Also, if you're a player or your PC integrated into your home theater system, and wants to play as possible and show your displayFriends, 30-inch LCD television, a monitor is a very impressive machine. If you plan to monitor and LCD TV and a computer, make sure the device you are considering does not have VGA or other connection options designed for PC.

If you're going to have one, there are many models available on the market today. Here are some of the main and hot-LCD on the market:

Sony Bravia KDL-40V250040-inch 1080p LCD TV.

The Sony KDL-40V2500 is a 40-inch LCD TV from 16:9 with a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (1080p) and a real world contrast ratio of 1300:1. This set includes 2 HD component-video and 2 HDMI inputs and a monitor port on your PC. NTSC tuner, ATSC (HDTV) and QAM are also included. The ATSC tuner allows reception of HDTV signals over-the-air and QAM tuner allows Digital / HD cable (non-premiumBusy channels). The texture and color contrast on this particular LCD TV is great. Check the Sony KDL-40V2500, especially if you have a Blu-ray, HD-DVD or DVD upscaling.

Samsung LN-T4665F 46-inch LCD TV.

The Samsung LN-T4665F has some impressive features, ms including a 46-inch widescreen, 1080p input and processing, 15,000 dynamic contrast ratio, response time of 8. However, it is the real-world performancewhat matters is the television instead provides a great picture with good color. The LN T4665F and NTSC / ATSC / QAM tuner which allows reception of analog, HDTV and unencrypted digital cable and high-definition signals. Another useful feature is the placement of the 3 HDMI inputs, 2 of which are mounted on the back and the side wall is mounted. If you do not have a home theater audio system, the LN-T4665 offers SRS TruSurround audio processing.Another handy feature is a built-in swivel.

Westinghouse Digital TX-42F430S – 42 "LCD TV

The Westinghouse Digital TX-42F430S inch flat screen LCD offers a 42 (1920×1080) 1080p capability at a very affordable price. In addition to 1080p and has a processing capacity of inputs, this set 4 HDMI, 2 sets of component inputs for high definition video capabilities, a high-resolution VGA PC monitor input, and both analog and HDTV tuners. L ' TX-42F430S offers excellent image quality, but with a contrast ratio of 1000:1, the black levels are not as deep as many expensive LCD sets plus. On the other hand, if you look at an affordable price for large LCD screen, which is TX-42F430S is definitely worth considering, especially if you subscribe to cable or own a HD player or a Blu-ray Disc HD-DVD player.

Sharp LC-52D92U 52 "LCD TV

If you are looking for a big screen flat panel> Plasma and is not impressed, check out this series Sharp LCD flat screen. The LC-52D92U comes with a screen size of 52 inches, but only weighs about 93 pounds. However, do not buy this set just for the big screen and light weight, consider the picture quality at 1080p with a contrast ratio of 3000:1, 120 Hz refresh rate strengthened and impressive response time of 4ms. This set also includes NTSC and ATSC tuner for receiving digital and analogue TVSignals. The LC-52D92U also has spent three HDMI inputs and a DVI input. If most of an upscaling DVD, Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD player wants to get the Sharp LC-52D92U could be the right thing.

Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42 "LCD Monitor

LCD TV with 720p offer many (1280×720 or 1366×768) native pixel resolution, an LCD monitor with capacity (1920×1080), 1080p for displays larger than 40 inch screen, in particular the size anda retail price of less than $ 2,000. In addition to processing power and input 1080p LVM-42W2 features 6 HD inputs including 1 HDMI, 2 DVI-HDCP, 2 component and a high-resolution VGA PC monitor input. The LVM 42W2 offers excellent image quality for the price and it is certainly to be taken into account, especially if you have a Blu-ray Disc or HD DVD player. Note: an external tuner like a cable or satellite, you need to receive standard or HDTV signals. Some of these LCDfor use as a PC monitor and reconfigure automatically when connected to a PC.

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Image : http://www.flickr.com

Sony has done it again with a different model of first-class, high-definition television. The Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-40W4100 40-inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, a great addition to any home theater system.

I like watching sports, movies and other fast moving action on your Telvisions then, this high-definition television is what you need. It all starts with its Motionflow 120Hz technology, which really improved as we see this typefast-action programs on our television screens. The clarity and color, the series brought the Sony Bravia W are not real in the possible and make you watch TV that much.

The Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-40W4100-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV offers 40 well-TruSurround, which is a patented SRS speaker two, solve the problem of playing multichannel content over 5.1 inches wide has a TruSurround virtual surround soundExperience across all speaker playback system-two, including internal television speakers and headphones. E 'fully compatible with all multichannel formats up to 5.1 channels. High-quality virtual surround sound The TV can only be experienced with the two hidden, downward-2.2 side channel dome speakers. TruSurroundAl XT audio adds three audio technology to improve into an extraordinary experience to produce sound. Great sound with greatThe image quality makes this model Sony Bravia is a must.

Also looking for easy access in your high-definition television again? The Sony Bravia W series has everything you need including 4 HDMI connections, 2 component video inputs and a PC video input. The BRAVIA Sync was introduced as the name for a new family of control features that not only includes BRAVIA Theatre Sync, but now BRAVIA Sync. This feature allows the userCEC a camcorder to a BRAVIA HDTV via an HDMI cable for HDTV and a remote control on-screen display that shows camcorder transport control functions. With all the great features of the Sony Bravia 40-inch HDTV is.

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True To Life UE40C7000 Samsung 3D TV

Image : http://www.flickr.com

And behold, all the new 3D TV was knocked down and run the first 3D TVs from Samsung – 3D LED UE40c7000 TV resolution. Basically, the 3D TV is a project high quality images and higher. If you recently paid a visit to the cinema, watching Avatar in 3D, you will understand how the images are spectacular. Now you can have as theater-quality 3D in the comfort of your home, and allYou must have the 3D UE40C7000 Samsung LED TV!

One good thing about the 3D TV UE40c7000 is LED, it works like any normal LED high-definition TV. There is no need to vote again or change the TV to receive channels of regular television. Furthermore, it has the ability to refine 2D video input into a 3D video! However, can the quality of it is not as good as expected, but with the 3DTechnology advances every day, is well able to enjoy 3D class in the near future.

In terms of specifications, Samsung LED TV UE40C7000 3D, which sports a surprisingly slim body, which is only 27 millimeters thick! Another feature of the television contains an edge LED backlit LCD display and a SCART adapter. Although the characteristics of being involved in all kinds of high-end and LED technology, 3D-TV can UE40c7000still look so sleek and stylish. Congratulations to Samsung for their great processing!

Without doubt, the 3D technology is still a rare commodity, but keep in mind that this technology, and only grow over time. In other words, it is enough just to buy a TV-capable 3D now, although there is a limit to the 3D function. Set apart from the 3D feature, 3D UE40C7000 LED TV is currently one of the best 40-inch LED TVfor the purposes of clarity and quality. In short, this is worth every penny!

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