We all remember the old television sets that are bulky, and the style is not considered. PC has the same problem – they all used to come in beige! It seemed synonymous with electrical products, but now we need more style! The HDTV manufacturers meet the challenge?
There are key to any technology and television are one of them. A television has several aspects, the image produced, the sound it produces its own characteristics and capabilities, and its style. Television producers are primarily interested in image quality in the past.
When the television the first time, is black and white, and picture quality is not like today, and not to mention their size! TV manufacturers have worked to improve the experience, after all, television is more visual than anything else.
Today, however, we have the technology, HDTV, and we are in the new millennium, a millennium of a generation that cares about not only the quality of the images, but all other aspects of television. The high definition is simply an update of image quality. But this is not the only thing that manufacturers of HDTV sets have to be addressed.
We can learn a lot from your computer, especially those new iMacs. The computer is out when he was only available in one color and one color – beige. This lasted for years, and a small number of companies that produce different colors, but this was back in black or beige – television in black and white!
A change has happened and happened so fast. He came when Apple is committed to design teams crazy, including people who have designed the sinks and toilets! The result is a computer that was transparent, and has captured the imagination of people – is the color! Since then, Apple was on the map, and computers have changed forever.
HDTV manufacturers can learn a lot about this kind of thinking. TV at this point, including the HDTV sets have not had much go their way. Although there is no improvement. HDTV manufacturers, as did Sony Sony Style, which is committed to not only the quality of the images on television, but also something that is a beautiful design of the house.
I do not know if we would ever see a translucent TV, but could probably be a success. I have not seen any so far. If something can be learned from a PC and television is that we do not want to see the functions, we want the dynamics of color to be expressed in a dynamic product, a product that is what it is.

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