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After buying a plasma TV you have to do some activities in order to get the best possible quality of picture from the set. You have to change some of the setting made by factory so that wear and tears are reduced to the minimum, increasing your viewing pleasure for a long time. You have to take into account the settings since it plays a big role. Therefore when you set up your plasma TV keep in mind the following points.

Before you start tuning your plasma TV, you should think of the place in the room where you are going to install the set. You should also see to it that you have the required space available in front of the plasma TV to enable you to view the TV without stress or strain. The TV Company will recommend the correct distance that you have to maintain between you and the TV. See that you have this space in the room where you will be placing the TV.

Then you should know about the various functions and settings of the plasma TV. In order to do that, you will have to go through the manual thoroughly to learn them. After going through the manual you are now ready to adjust the settings for the best picture.

First you have to select the mode in which you would like to view the television in – there are modes like movie, cinema, film, etc. Then change all the factory enhanced settings. Change the color temperature to either warm, or normal, or low. Then change the brightness to the one that you feel comfortable with. Set the contrast accordingly.

The contrast is right when you see a black and white object side by side having a clear sharp border, it is the right setting. Similarly sharpness has to be lowered to a natural one and the color setting and the tint setting to be adjusted to the best possible level you think. After calibrating your plasma TV in this way, you will be able to enjoy your viewing.

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