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LCD enclosures are a cost effective and practical method using screens in locations exposed. Often used for outdoor digital signage to provide all the protections necessary to use an LCD screen in nature.

LCD housing are often made to ensure IP65 and NEMA 4, are against the weather elements and airborne debris commonly associated with outdoor locations to protect.

Steel enclosures offer robust protection against vandalism andensure an accidental impact and contain all the components and the temperature inside the housing climate that LCD is always the perfect temperature.

A frame LCD offers a solution in the round for the installation of digital signage in a pool, and can take a lot of headaches (and costs) with the application of digital outdoor signage. But there is a decision you make, the choice of the screen.

There are four types of LCDgenerally available:

* Standard – designed for private use
* Commercial Equipment – Commercial interior design
High-Brightness-TV 's * – especially commercial screens with extra strong backlight
* Outdoor TV – waterproof and resistant to air pollution

Obviously Such a housing LCD is waterproof and can protect from all elements in the Open, is there no need to buy an outdoor TV – this is as good as this type of TVThe most expensive (to more than $ 10,000) are.

While LCD chassis offers space for all standard LCD TV, use devices that are taken home to be really considered not doing so. A standard LCD device was not well designed to have as many screens the long-term signs and their life will not be forgotten that a standard quality video.

The needs of commercial grade, LCD digital signage to measure. And 'cabin be left permanently and will run most standardDevices for only a small increase in costs. These are ideal for digital signage applications as digital signage, even outdoors, but the screen is where to direct sunlight it's worth, the brightness-screen LCD TV to ensure a high level, the sunlight readable even under the brightest.

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