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Here’s a high-definition television in the mid-size range with features that are hard to resist. The LG 5300 LED HDTV is one of the most energy-efficient sets around, making it a great eco-conscious choice, without compromising on a high-quality viewing experience assisted by 720p HD resolution, LED backlighting and 2.4 ms (millisecond) response time. Along with well-developed motion capture, these features make it an excellent option for viewing dynamic imagery during game night or an action flick date.

This 22-inch screen offers 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Which means you can expect a vivid richness in the color spectrum: gaming enthusiasts will enjoy the stunning deep blacks and bright whites on display. Hook up your PC, laptop, DVD player, pen drive or camera – the TV features peripheral device connection options including component video input, DVD player hookup, a couple of HDMI inputs, a standard PC input and a USB port. And you will receive the same brilliant and sharp results when viewing personal photos and home videos. All of that, in a neat package that is one of the slimmest around.

Energy Star 4.0

The LG 5300 LED HDTV addresses growing concerns about environmental consciousness and features an energy-efficiency system. Whether it is switched on or in standby mode, it utilizes about 30 per cent less energy than a regular TV. This has earned it an ENERGY STAR rating which is a government-recognized approval on reduced energy consumption. You can enjoy a great picture while saving on utility bills and energy use while you’re at it.

3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

A high dynamic contrast ratio means spectacularly enhanced visuals in terms of color clarity and brightness. The luminous display offers a stunning range and depth of images, bringing a more life-like and dramatic experience into your living room.

24P Real Cinema

This TV’s enticing 24P Real Cinema feature allows you to go to the theater while staying at home. LG’s Real Cinema Technology precisely displays 24p source frames on the screen, delivering a truly cinematic experience similar to one found in the movies. Fans of the cinema are in for a treat with this special feature.

Enhanced Audio with Clear Voice II & Dolby Digital

It’s a common phenomenon for dialogue to get lost in the background audio of a program. This television offers Clear Voice II audio technology to permit dialogue to be heard clearly and consistently. It recognizes the human voice on screen and enhances it so that you don’t strain your ears with inconsistent volume levels. Dolby Digital delivers a 5.1 channel surround sound to give you the sensation of being on location itself.


All in all, the LG 5300 LED HDTV is definitely an asset for your viewing experience. Firstly, its medium size and sleek package is far from overbearing, making it slip in easily within any room of the house. Its sharpness of image, luminous backlight and color depth make it great on the eyes. Which makes it a flexible option for varied activities like watching movies, playing video games and netsurfing. And the energy-saver option is the added benefit that makes this TV a smart purchase.

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