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52″ Sony BRAVIA kdl XBR10 (aka in Japan as the Sony BRAVIA ZX5)with wireless HD capability is no longer for general availability in the USA.

Fortunately, the kdl 46″ XBR10 is still for sale (no kdl 32 model)at SonyStyle and will probably continue to be available through the holidays. But for how long? This sure seems like Sony is clearing the slate for some new BRAVIAs (e.g. XBR11, XBR12), which Sony has stated before they will bring to the market by February.

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Bravia L, S, and V Series

L series

The Sony L – series consists of two models: the 32 – inch KDL – 32L5000 and the 26 – inch KDL – 26L5000. These models offer 1366 x 768 resolution and are designed for the bedroom, kitchen or office. Connectivity on the sets include three HDMI inputs, along with PC, component, composite and S – video inputs.

S series

The Sony S – series is the companies entry straight down theatre play LCD television and entrust consist of four 60Hz panels: the 52 – inch KDL – 52S5100,46 – inch KDL – 46S5100, 40 – inch KDL – 40S5100 models, and the 32 – inch KDL – 32S5100 item. These models, replace 4100 series of televisions, come with 1920 x 1080p video resolution and Bravia Engine 2. The S – series outright offer three HDMI inputs, owing to resultant away PC, component, composite and S – video inputs.

braviavV series

The step up Sony V – series consists of three models: the 52 – inch KDL – 52V5100, the 46 – inch KDL – 46V5100 and the 40 – inch KDL – 40V5100. The sets attribute Sony ‘ s BRAVIA Engine 2  and 120Hz frame ratio technology. Additionally, they offer four HDMI inputs ( seven total HD inputs ), a PC input, BRAVIA Sync for simplified might of consistent devices, and a USB input for seascape digital images or listening to digital music stored on a allied USB mass storage device.

The S and V series besides includes Sony ‘ s Light Sensor technology and dynamic backlight direction to service lower energy consumption

Next Z series and XBR series

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The Panasonic Viera TC-G10 Series P50G10 Plus is a top of the line of products on the market today. Self, everything is “Peachy”, but only temporarily. Like a normal examination, we see online is on the positive side, we’re going to actually discuss the negatives as well.

The truth is that this TV can not be the best option for you, but will primarily be based on preferences. After all, you spend the hard earned money so certainly do not blame you. This 50 ” Plasma TV has all kinds of benefits, and the resolution of 1920 x 1080, 3 HDMI inputs, PC input, and usually the THX certification. If you intend to mount the TV on the wall, the room should not be placed in the sun too bright and should not be too bright if you want to avoid glare on your TV or simply a reflection of light.

The sound comes from the built-in speakers is a bit ‘thin, but not too bad. However, you can solve this little problem by turning up the bass and the bass boost and should play very well. As a tip, sometimes you can find additional speakers for the G10 Series Panasonic Viera TC-P50G10. Or just add a subwoofer and you have an experience that is truly film-like.The G10 Panasonic Viera TC-Series P50G10 will provide years of fun for the whole family.

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Blockbuster Inc., a global leader in entertainment announced the immediate availability of Blockbuster’s vast and growing library of premium digital entertainment for rent or purchase on select 2009 Samsung HDTVs, Blu-ray Players and Blu-ray integrated Home Theater Systems..

With this service rollout, Blockbuster is introducing a seamless entertainment experience that allows consumers to watch BLOCKBUSTER On Demand content across multiple Blockbuster-enabled devices in the home. For example, Mom or Dad could order “Scooby Doo: The hd6Goblin King” from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand on blockbuster.com at work, and the kids could start watching right away on their Samsung TV in the living room and watch it again on a Samsung Blu-ray player in the den. Mom and Dad could later order “Observe and Report” directly on the Samsung Blu-ray in the den, start watching, and then continue watching it on the Samsung TV in the bedroom.

Specific models featuring the new BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service include Samsung Series 650 and above LCD and Plasma HDTVs and Series 7000 and above LED HDTVs. The service is also available on Samsung BD-P1600, BD-P3600 and BD-P4600 Blu-ray players, as well as select Samsung Blu-ray integrated Home Theater Systems (HT-BD1250, HT-BD3252, HT-BD7200 and HT-BD8200) via firmware upgrade

With the BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service, owners of these Samsung devices now have the hottest new releases from Blockbuster right at their fingertips — whether it’s the latest comedies such as “Year One,” action-packed thrillers like “State of Play”, hot box office hits such as “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”, and award winners like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” The video on demand (VOD) movie rentals range from $2.99 to $3.99, while purchases will typically range from $7.99 to $19.99.

The BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service provides comprehensive on-screen search and browsing capabilities, as well as full details, ratings, trailers, and other information about each movie directly on the television, eliminating the need for customers to manage a viewing queue on their PC. The offering will be easily accessible by selecting the Internet@TV feature on Samsung TVs or clicking a color-coded button on remotes for Samsung Blu-ray players and home theater systems. Once a customer rents or buys a movie, they simply press play to begin instant viewing.

To support the launch, Samsung Blu-ray disc players with the integrated BLOCKBUSTER On Demand service will be sold in Blockbuster’s thousands of corporate-owned stores and participating franchise stores.

Source: Blockbuster Inc.; Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

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Sony next step HDTV technology 3D TV .

Sony announcing plans to sell 3D televisions globally by the end of 2010.

Sony chief executive Sir Howard Stringer, announce plans at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin, not only to sell 3D Bravia television sets, but to make Sony’s Vaio laptop computers, PlayStation3 games consoles and Blu – ray record players compatible with the technology.

Mr Stringer is expected to to tell the audience: “Today, 3D is distinctly on its way to the mass market washed-up technology, system and content.

“As with high definition a few years back, there are a variety of issues yet to be addressed. But the 3D train is on the track, and we at Sony are ready to drive it home.”
The consumer electronics industry has yet to agree on a single 3D standard, posing the risk of a format war like VHS and Betamax or Blu – ray and HD – DVD.

There are several types of 3D technology. Sony has opted for “active shutter” technology, using electronic glasses containing tiny shutters that open and close rapidly in synch with the television image to create a 3D impression.

Cinema 3D uses “polarisation” technology with simpler glasses. However, this only works when viewers are at a certain angle to the screen making it less suited to home viewing.
The electronics industry is looking for the next technology to boost sales, as high-definition television sales move past their peak. Hyundai is producing early 3D sets for the Japanese market and Panasonic has flagged up plans for products.

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