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Sony KDL-XBR10 Series LCD HDTVs coming next month!


Sony  introduced a new line of  Sony kdlultra-thin BRAVIA™ LCD HDTVs featuring an advanced edge-lit LED backlight and exceptional contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1.

The XBR10-series models  deliver full 1080p wireless transmission of high definition signals from a separate media box to a receiver embedded in the TV, allowing source components to be placed out of sight.

“BRAVIA is on the cutting edge of television technology and the Sony kdl XBR10 series pushes the limits of industry-leading, innovative features,” said Jeff Goldstein, vice president of the television business for Sony Electronics. “Not only will this TV look striking when hanging on a wall, the wireless feature clears the clutter of components and messy tangles of unsightly wires, allowing you to hide components away across the room.”

The Sony kdl XBR10 models also feature an Ethernet connection allowing them to directly access Sony BRAVIA Internet Video content using an existing broadband network. The platform offers one of the largest selections of free and premium movies, TV shows, sports, music and more from an array of partners like, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube®, Slacker Internet Radio, and, later this fall, Netflix.

Bravia Internet Widgets, powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine, also expand and personalize the TV experience by adding on-screen applications that provide such information as weather reports, stock information, financial news, Twitter, and additional content.

The full HD 1920 x 1080 progressive (1080p) models also feature Sony’s Motionflow™ 240Hz technology, which delivers exceptionally crisp and detailed images with natural motion. The Motionflow algorithm goes beyond traditional 120Hz technology by quadrupling the frame rate of conventional LCD TVs and interpolating three new frames.

The models are Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA®) compliant, enabling easy access to digital photos, music, and video stored on a PC or other DLNA server using the XMB® interface and the TV’s remote control. They also offer a USB input for displaying digital photos or playing digital video and music files from a USB storage device.

Other notable features include:

  • BRAVIA Engine™ 3
  • 24p True Cinema™
  • xross media bar™ (XMB)with enhanced 3D favorites Menu
  • Internet powered TV Guide Onscreen
  • BRAVIA Sync™
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • RS232C
  • Single PC, component, composite and component/composite selectable inputs

The Sony kdl XBR10 models exceed Energy Star® 3.0 guidelines for energy efficiency and use Sony’s Light Sensor® technology to adjust backlight intensity based on ambient room light helping to save energy and reduce the user’s overall carbon footprint.

The KDL-52XBR10 and KDL-46XBR10 models will be available this October at Sony Style retail stores, sonystyle.com and at and at similar authorized Sony retail outlets across the country, for about $5,000 and $4,500, respectively.

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Sony  KDL -VE5 is an excellent television.hd8


Sony  KDL-VE5 Sensor has a known presence sensor that does two things. First, is the environment (room) and if the light is darkened room, the devil image on the TV automatically. This works well if you are watching TV in the bedroom at night and you want less light output. The second thing it does is that the sensor detects movement and space for body heat. If you leave the room for a preset amount of time (5 min, 30 min, …) and with no one around the TV connection, the picture will go off. If you walk in the room, the senses, which converts screen again. The sound is kept in 30 minutes or so, then all enter into standby mode if no sense. Both of these features can be turned off via the menu to configure a warehouse and energy aid.

Image Quality:

The image quality of  Sony  KDL -VE5 . In the setup menu, set the picture in “in vivo” and how the quality of high definition is simply the life-like. The color and contrast are excellent. What also use Sony MotionFlow asked that helps soften the image when you are watching fast action images.

Technology background:

Sony  KDL -VE5  is an LCD, but using hot cathode fluorescent lamp for lighting. This technology allows it to be much more energy efficient and close to par with the energy use of LCD televisions with LED backlighting. Most LCDs use cold cathode fluorescent lamp. The 40″ model using a maximum of 140 watts, 46″ using a maximum of 160 watts and 52 “using a maximum of 180 watts.

Features (only a few of them):

Sony  KDL-VE5 come with features. Automatically if it has something connected to sense input (eg HDMI2). This is great when you hit the input button on the remote because it does not select items that are not currently sending a signal. This means that you do not have to scroll through 10 items, only if you have two components connected to the TV. In the configuration menu you can configure each input to always, always, or auto. Always used in the input stage of the PC, as the equipment used for cable identification can not send a signal of what the television has not felt the same. Always believing that the PC input is always available when browsing through the entries. It also has plenty of inputs.

There are 4 HDMI inputs. If you have DVI port of your PC, then you can ID through 1 HDMI port, which also has an analog audio input. There is a dedicated composite (with S-video) and a dedicated entrance, but there is another switchable composite / component input you can use if you have two composite and one component, or vice versa. There is an input to connect to PC via the VGA connection. The optical digital audio output is an analog output and a rope. In general, this is not a cheap TV, but Sony  KDL-VE5 is a case that you get what you pay for. It’s really a great set.

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One comment of Sony KDL-46S5100

Got the Sony BRAVIA S-Series KDL-46S5100 about two weeks ago and were quite happy. It took time to find the ways of the SD card OK? (for sharpness, etc), but my concern about the quality of high definition. HD channels are very good, except when we have dark scenes. I have a lot of ghosting that I hate to see a new TV. We have Comcast HD in Chicago, and we have very good HDMI cables. I applied the patch for the day when television came along, and dismissed the dark car, and has played with all settings of image imagesbrightness, sharpness of image ? Everyone knows the same problems? I have yet to try a DVD ? I only have a DVD player, maybe you should have a Blu-Ray, and I had a Sony 42 Plasma (purchased in 2004) and before the dark scenes are much more grain compared to my old television in HD. Set my 46S5100 a room and environment have been very happy since. The image is incredible, the sound quality works well after some adjustments to the individual preferences of my room (base and treble) and the remote is easy to navigate, even in the dark. If the price of work in the budget so that every time we have established that this TV is for you. I do not think I will return, but all the comments to correct this problem during the reporting period are welcome.

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Ok let’s continue..

(6) “I heard the plasma in a plasma TV should be completed every few years!

It is impossible to complete with in a plasma screen TV. I suspect that the fraudsters have told stories of unsuspecting customers in order to sell extended warranties, but it is not true.

(7), Plasma TVs are hard to install!

Well. . . Yes and no! Violent with some friends, you can easily mount your plasma table stand included in the base. A flat or tilted wall mount is much more complex and may need professional help.
(8) HD (High Definition) Plasma displays create a better image of ED (Enhanced Definition) displays!

Generally true, but there are exceptions. The top of the line ED converter May outperform a bargain brand HD converter. But Ed is obsolete and is being phased out: you should not buy one. All Plasma TVs should soon feature much sharper HDTV.

(9), plasma screens suffer from image burn-in!

Again. . . Yes and no! Technological advances have greatly reduced the problem of screen burn-in on Plasma TVs. It is more difficult to do, but you can still burn-in with a plasma television. The culprit is static images like station logos, tables, scores of video games, computer software, and stock ticker. Consider buying an LCD or DLP, have no screen burn-in.

(10) manipulation of a plasma television is like handling any other TV!

A plasma screen has hundreds of thousands of image cells sandwiched between two thin sheets of glass. It is not possible to fix a plasma television flat on the face or rubbing hard on a plasma screen, for fear of causing the screen to crack. Once the cracks plasma screen, can not be repaired.
Take the time to learn the facts about Plasma TV before you consider making a purchase. Armed with the facts, you have no trouble choosing a big screen TV that will thrill your family for years to come! Enjoy!
It ‘easy as 123!

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Rumors and myths about Plasma TV bounce off the truth like machine gun bullets, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.
Many self-proclaimed “experts” will tell you how Plasma TV screens emit deadly radiation, or burn in a year, if they are filled with fresh plasma.
It is dangerous to take half baked information as fact: you end up making decisions based on lies. Used to drill in the most common misunderstandings:

(1) A plasma TV burn in a year or two, and must be replaced!

A high level as a Samsung plasma TV has a life expectancy of 60,000 hours. This is a Sony LCD. If you watch a Plasma TV eight hours a day, should be twenty years for the unit before disappearing.

(2) “Plasmas blast radiation at you, it is dangerous to be closer to ten meters from the screen!”

This is one of the wilder myths about Plasma TV! A small amount of UV radiation emerging from a plasma display (you can measure up to one inch of the screen).
The tube TV, you put your nose while watching cartoons in the seventies form an image by shooting radiation at the screen! Radiation from a cathode ray tube televisions flooding more than a foot in the room! There are probably many of these TVs in your house now!

(3) “I can not afford to own a plasma TV, are too expensive!”

hd6The prices of plasma TVs and LCD TVs has dropped dramatically in recent years and continues to decline. You can find 42 “plasma TV for less than $ 1,000, and 50″ screens for less than $ 2000.

(4) My plasma will be great right out of the box! ”

A plasma television is often supplied with the image, contrast or brightness controls too “hot” set if they look at me in a great hall lit TV. Your living room is probably nowhere near this bright, you should adjust these controls to a level most comfortable for you. It also extends the life of your plasma screen.

(5), plasma TVs have better pictures of LCD TV (and vice versa)!

THE TRUTH ‘: Every type of TV will give you a picture, a razor sharp, sparkling on a screen giant pot. Plasma are better color, contrast and black level, LCDs have a sharper picture quality and do not suffer screen burn-in.

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