Want to know whether a plasma or an LCD TV would be best for your needs? Here's a side by side comparison to help you make an informed decision …

What is the difference between LCD and plasma TVs?

Plasma TV screens are made up of hundreds of thousands of gas-filled, light-colored cells. When an electric current passes through the cells light up and produce an image.

LCD TVScreens consist of a layer of liquid crystals between two glass plates. When current passes through the crystals, producing a series of small light-colored pixels and a photo.

What is the best picture?

Plasma TVs produce a more colorful LCD TV. This is based on the fact that plasma TVs display blacks better than LCD TVs, which provides better contrast in color and produces a lighter color.

LCD TV productionsharper image of a plasma TV because of their higher resolution.

What size TV are plasma and LCD TVs come in?

Plasma TVs have a size of 42 "to 65" wide, while the LCD TV is as small as 2 "wide and goes up to 65 cm in width." LCD TVs are thinner and lighter than plasma TVs.

Which is better for gaming?

Experience plasma TV screen "burn in" What happens when a still image is left too long on a screen, causing a ghostthis image burned into the screen. LCD TVs do not have this problem and are therefore a better choice if you play a lot of video on the TV.

It is a Plasma TV or LCD TV for?

Plasma TV has a screen of 30,000 to 60,000 hours, while LCD TVs have a longer life of 60,000 hours of screen o.

How much?

Recently I ran a check on prices of LCD and plasma TVs. The cheapestLarge-screen plasma TV was a 42-inch model for $ 999. The cheapest 42 "LCD TV is $ 1,367.

The cheapest 27 "LCD TV I found was $ 550, cheaper and 32" LCD TV was $ 619. There was no plasma TVs smaller than 42 ".

So what's the bottom line?

If you are the largest on the market for a 42-inch flat screen plasma TV or a type for the money. If you want a smaller TV or if you really areVideo games, then I recommend an LCD TV.

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