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There are times when it is just tasteless or down right tacky to install a 55 inch flat screen television on a wall in your living area. Some homeowners do not want them in sight when not being used, and even have remote drawn works of art that are hung over the TV to keep it out of site. A simpler and more cost effective way would be to purchase a plasma TV cabinet for your living or great room. When you are through viewing your favorite shows, or DVD you can then just close the cabinet doors, and your gigantic home theater viewing screen is not present until needed again.

Many fine furniture manufacturers have taken this type of cabinetry up a notch in quality, and materials. Although, you can purchase a very handsome unit for about three hundred dollars, there are companies that have offerings in the two to three thousand dollar range as well. The ladder may be cost prohibitive to some, but appropriate if the rest of the room has similar furnishing already in place.

When ordering online, make sure and read all of the fine print, as it may be necessary to block of a complete afternoon of your day off for assembly of your new purchase. Optionally when purchasing a cabinet locally and it needs to be put together, you can pay a labor fee to have the store perform this task for you. Of course, the hardwood units will only need minimal assembly, and that is usually just attaching the cabinet doors, and a few small accent pieces.

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