The 40-inch Full High-Definition Sony KDL40EX403 is a wonderful home theater system that takes into account the experience of television and the Internet. With this TV enjoy sharing photos, videos, movies and music, through association with HDMI and USB, and you can also use Wi-Fi speed connections to Internet content and services. In addition, it also offers a space-saving integrated DVB-T digital tuner that allows you to allow free access to over fiftydigital channels without the need to subscribe or cable / satellite pay services such as Sky and Virgin.

Powered by the BRAVIA Engine 3

The Sony is a technology driven by the BRAVIA Engine KDL40EX403, processing, provides an excellent image and advanced. This allows users to access the new chip set and software for image editing, high-contrast, color rendition and clarity is to win, which is always picture perfect view, whateverYou are currently viewing.

Wi-Fi Ready

And since Sony is KDL40EX403 TV can deliver your web content, has Wi-Fi. However, you must use an external wireless adapter to connect to the Internet without wires. All you have to do is connect a wireless adapter to the USB port of your TV or a Blu ray Disc.

ambient light sensor detects light, and saves energy

The Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX403also figure armed with a ambient light sensor that adjusts the TV is instinctive, so that the lights play with the color and brightness temperature of the ambient temperature. This ensures that you get the best possible viewing experience, whether day or night, regardless of whether the room is dark or well lit. The ambient light sensor also allows you to save energy, especially if the TV is on standby.

Live Colour frameAllows the show, the colors of real life

The Sony BRAVIA KDL40EX403 Live Colour function, you can find the colors more vivid, realistic, sharp and vibrant. Live Colour function produces images that make life more fair, and allows you to enjoy pictures of all this, as previously established that life never seen in any TV. Live Colour function is to twist the game more exciting and longer life – as never before, you certainly do not want to play videoSomeone else's home game again.

Check out movies in 24 frames per second

With 24p True Cinema mode, you will be able to return in the way that the director really wanted to see you. With 24p True Cinema, the film at a speed of 24 frames per second, the way they are actually shown on the big screen played. interesting and innovative features including over the KDL40EX403 Sony also complete all the necessary connections. E 'has 4 HDMI ports, two of which are on the back and 2 on the side to allow you to connect HD sources like a PlayStation game console and Blu-ray Disc logo.

With a superb sound system that is well balanced and organized, and the ability to produce exposures, accurate colors and sharp images that do not reach all its KDL40EX403 Sony. The high-definition component is excellent, even greater viewing distances, and 'viewing angle provides a good viewno matter where you sit in your living room or TV room.

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