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The Sony is the last KDL40Z5500 Sony 40 "LCD TV. It uses the latest technology, which Sony has developed several key features include current Bravia Engine, Bravia Engine 3, Live Colour Creation, a refresh rate of 200Hz and 10-bit Applicast Panel. All these properties will be discussed in more detail how to continue.

The KDL40Z5500 Sony is a HD ready TV with a screen resolution of 1920×1080, the maximum timeavailable. The addition of two digital tuners and a cable tuner enables unprecedented choice of programs. Most remote control now come with Sony Bravia Sync feature a question, one that allows the user to use the Bravia remote to control all other devices.

Sony TV's have built their latest version of Sony's Motion Flow in this KDL40Z5500. You turn on the TV with an incredible frame rate 200Hz, which means that 200 imagesProgram on the screen every second. This will be a further decline of the effects of flicker and blur in action sequences at high speeds, thereby improving the quality of sport and film.

The performance and picture quality BRAVIA ENGINE is the engine that Sony could find use in improving the overall quality of the means to be. Now he is in all new built-in LCD TV for the production of Sony. The latest version of the BRAVIA ENGINE 3, which makes further progress in improving the imageQuality. The new engine is completely digital signal processing, in a broad spectrum. The result of this is the picture is immensely clear and the colors are very realistic. black levels are increased and are at their lowest. The motor to adjust the picture settings for the perfect picture of what it accessible to even look at you now.

Sony has also included a dynamic contrast ratio of 1 m 1, this helps to improve the levels, while the black, improvingColor representation. A 10-bit panel allows more data to traditional LCD screens are KDL40Z5500 Sony any time improved color creation feature live screen, the colors displayed by 30% in comparison with.

Users can simultaneously watch TV while surfing the Internet AppliCast, if you want a restaurant to check a Web site that advertised or to reserve it only to do everything without usingto move a muscle.

Sony CD software installed to ensure that the media play live directly from a USB stick without the need for streaming via the PC or on the conversion. While they also include four HDMI connections to allow all your HD devices at the same time it was installed so that they do not infringe upon the TV to swap all the connections.

The KDL40Z5500 Sony will start in a pricy $ 1,670, but if you trade in an old television in aselected Sony store offers $ 300 Cash Back. Although not as expensive as that money could be better spent if you have it. The Bravia has an outstanding quality of the image with a sleek design, enhancing the visual experience.

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