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If you are looking to enter the 3D TV market, you can’t go too far wrong with a Sony TV. So, sit back and take a look at our Sony KDL55NX813 review and find out what this 55″ LED 3D TV has to offer.

The Sony KDL55NX813U arrives with LED Edge backlighting engineering. LED engineering is the most advanced technology to turn up which takes on the image quality provided by plasma. The actual LED Edge backlight lets you experience abundant colouring, with really dark black as well as the brightest whites. LED know-how is in addition known for possessing a reduced energy consumption rather than standard LCD and Plasma television, so the TV could also save some dough in the long term.

With almost every other movie launched nowadays being in 3D, demand is growing with regard to 3D home cinema equipment so individuals may create the feeling inside their homes. While using this TV you have 3D compatible engineering for 3D films. In order to experience Complete High Definition 3D you will need a 3D transmitter as well as the stylish 3D spectacles.

A further crucial attribute with this 55″ television will be the internal Freeview-HD digital tuner. For the first time, High Definition signals are now accessible via a standard external aerial due to the internal Freeview-HD tuner within the Sony KDL-55NX813U. Until recently, HD only has been obtainable using a satellite dish or fibre optic wire, through pay to see providers such as Sky and also Virgin. With the Sony Bravia KDL-55NX813U and the internal Freeview-HD tuner you’ll get the free to see HD programs from the BBC and ITV without resorting to a paid for service.

Your Sony Bravia is actually part of the Network Range of Sony Bravia TVs. Since the KDL55NX813 is in the network range it has Wi-Fi built-in engineering. The actual Wi-Fi incorporated technology lets you hook up to your house network without necessity for a number of cabling. With the Wi-Fi integrated technologies or Ethernet cabling you are able to access a variety of internet services because of the Bravia Internet Video Software. With Bravia Internet you can access online solutions, look into the weather, media updates as well as sporting head lines, along with stream entire screen movies, and also catch up TV set.

For anyone who is keen on quick action videos or enjoy seeing sports such as soccer or motor racing then a Sony KDL-55NX813 might be right for you with its 200Hz Motion flow technology. Standard LCD televisions work with 50Hz, these create 50 frames per second producing motion blur on the display. With the KDL55NX813 and the 200Hz Motion flow, 200 fps are displayed, which bring about virtually no motion blurring, or clouding.

This KDL-55NX813U is an excellent high-end TV coming from Sony. Not only is this 55″ LED tv with the technologies to offer you the most effective image, however it is additionally styled to perfection therefore it appears excellent even if it’s switched off.

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