Bravia Z Series

The Sony Z5100 series replaces last year’s Z4100 series and come leadership three sizes, the 40 – inch KDL40Z5100, 46 – inch KDL46Z5100, and 52 – inch KDL52Z5100.

The 2009 models facet a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p, a 240Hz panel, Bravia Engine 3 processor and Internet connectivity. This line retains the slime framework influence of the Z Series. From a specifications set the Z5100s are same to the XBR9 line except the XBR9s value a differential profile of backlighting and don ‘ t have the slim profile.


Sony XBR 6

The Sony Bravia XBR6 series are models introduced in 2008 which will continue to be sold until the cutting edge 2009 models hit the showroom. The XBR6 comes character sizes from 32 – inches to 46 – inches. The models overture a space – saving bottom speaker, and floating – glass industrial plot.

All of the XBR6 models quality 1080p resolution. The 32 “ and 37 “ panels quality 60Hz technology shift the 40” and 46” feature 120Hz panels.


Sony XBR 7

The Sony 52 – inch KDL – 52XBR7 is notable because it is the first television to feature which 240Hz frame rate technology. Sony claims its original motionflow algorithm goes beyond orderly 120Hz technology by quadrupling the frame rate of conventional LCD TVs and interpolating three new frames, says produces crisper and more natural motion.

Other description improved contrast ratios, the Bravia Engine 2 video processor, Bravia link, Digital Media Port ( DMP ) compatibility, which provides access to video and music from portable media, and exceedingly of inputs.

Inputs on the KDL – 52XBR7 append four 1080 / 60 24p HDMI connections, two 1080 / 60p HD component inputs, a 1080 / 60p – capable PC input, and an Ethernet ( RJ – 45 ) port.

The 70 – inch KDL70XBR7 essence multitudinous of the equivalent being in that its 52 inch bosom buddy cloak one pregnant inequality. The 70 ” behemoth panel has 120Hz frame standard technology.

Next part XBR8,9 and VE5 series

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