Sony XBR8

If you’re seeking out the best Sony has to suggestion the 1920 x 1080p 55 – inch KDL – 55XBR8 and 46 – inch KDL – 46XBR8 models which incorporate Sony ‘ s proprietary three – color LED backlight technology and a vastly improved colour gamut.

By using LED news to backlight the LCD panel, the XBR8 television deliver superlatively superior black levels than you would see on average LCD televisions.

In addition to LED backlighting, the Sony XBR8 series features a new video processing chipset from called the Bravia Engine 2 Pro which Sony says provides superior picture standard over previous Engine processing chips.

The XBR8 series also features 120HZ motion technology to reduce the vapour trails and judder common 60HZ LCD panels.

Inputs on the XBR8 models include four 1080 / 60 24p HDMI connections ( HDCP ), two 1080 / 60p HD component inputs, a 1080 / 60p – capable PC input, Ethernet ( RJ – 45 ) port and a RS – 232C connection.

Although the Sony XBR8 series of LCD televisions sets a new standard for Sony picture sort, it does posses two notable drawbacks.

Price and the second is power consumption. The Sony 46 and 55 inch panels are priced at $5, 000 and $7, 000 respectively. For example, Sony ‘ s 46 – inch XBR6 series panel is currently priced at $2, 700 which means you will pay an 85 % premium for the benefits of backlighting.

Secondly the XBR8 series of LCD panels are power intensive. The 46 inch XBR8 model consumers 23 % more power ( 350 W vs. 285W ) that the 46 inch XBR6 series. The 55 – inch XBR8 panel consumes a vast 480W.


Sony XBR9

The Sony XBR9 series will come in four sizes: 32″, 40”, 46”, and 52”.

Features of 40 ” and larger sets of the Sony Bravia XBR9 series include 1920×1080p resolution, 240 Hz framerate technology, the Sony Bravia Engine 3, 24p 24p True Cinema support, 4x HDMI 1. 3 inputs, XrossMediaBar ( XMB ) menu, an Internet powered TV guide, Bravia Sync / Link, and PC VGA and component inputs. A USB 2. 0 input is also used for display photos or playing video or audio from a USB storage device.

The 32 ” panel is 120Hz and uses the Bravia Engine 2.

The primary selling point for the flagship XBR9 series will produce the sets internet connectivity and DLNA compliancy for streaming cd from a computer on your national network.

Bravia VE5 ( eco televisions )

The BRAVIA VE5 – series comes in three models ( 40 “, 46 ” and 52 “ ) and suggestion substantial power savings over standard LCD panels thanks to zero-watt standby power switch, with motion and light sensors that minimize energy usage.

The 52 – inch KDL – 52VE5, the 46 – inch KDL – 46VE5 and the 40 – inch KDL – 40VE5 models are also the first to incorporate Sony ‘ s micro – tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp ( HCFL ). Sony claims the technology helps lower  power consumption by almost 40 percent compared to the company ‘ s other LCD HDTV models and exceed Energy Star 3.0 requirements.

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