Digital Camera Reviews – Sony Dsc N2, Dsc T100 And Canon Eos 400d

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Sony Cyber-shot, kdl 32, DSC N2 Sony DSC N2 is a stylish digital camera with ten mega pixels and optical zoom on three occasions. The main feature of the DSC N2 almost all other, kdl 32, digital cameras is its large 3 "LCD Touch Screen. This reduces the number of knobs, kdl 32, and buttons of the camera is at an absolute minimum, helping to enhance its look and style. A 'other feature that adds the attraction is that the camera has a manual exposure mode. This allows you to adjust the shutter speed and aperture to shoot. This model is probably the most "casual" that still wants the image quality to boast about at cocktail parties. There is a debate on the processor time, or "brain" of the DSC is better than DSC N1, so that the more megapixels may not be treated,, kdl 32, kdl 32, in a way that makes the whole best image. recommend a tent in a store before committing to a purchase, and use a price comparison site like Kelkoo or to compare, kdl 32, prices of digital cameras. Rating: 3 out 5Sony DSC-T100 DSC-T100The fits an amazing combination of high-tech features in super-slim dimensions. And 'high resolution of 8.1 megapixels, a powerful 5x optical zoom and a large 3.0 "Clear Photo LCD Plus screen that lets you take photos and share easily. This means that the system can zoom in closer to distant objects more clearly than most other brands that fit into a pocket, kdl 32, . Optical zoom is the best feature of this camera, and would be very useful for images to concerts, wildlife photography holidays and impressive shots. The size makes it very portable and I recommend this one over the DSC N2.Rating: 4 out 5Canon EOS 400DThe Canon EOS 400D is the newest member of the wide range of digital SLR cameras from Canon. And 'now three years ago that Canon has released its first entry-level digital SLR, 6-megapixel EOS 300D, which has aroused the DSLR boom throughout the budget. An entry level camera, the new Canon 400D is a hard, kdl 32, act to follow, as you try to build on the success of the 300D and 350D models. The 400D, kdl 32, is closely the overall design of 350D, with compact proportions similar to the old model, but adds some new features to try to remain competitive in what has become a rapidly growing market of photography., kdl 32, This model is more for balance training may be a useful backup, kdl 32, for the main drawer. However, you can always count on Canon for bringing a camera functional and competent,, kdl 32, and the style of this model to, kdl 32, feel at home in a man-bag of paparazzi. Rating: 4 out of 5.

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