Sony Bravia KDL52W5500 Sony has done so much for those looking for features to provide the best performance in film, television, music and games. This brilliant thought Sony product is meant to be really able to handle a wide range of accessories. This large-screen flat-panel LCD HDTV details include: 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels to produce a quartz crystal improvethe completely clear that the total effect of the screen viewing.The Sony Bravia 52W5500 has Motionflow 100 Hz to produce the best movies, sports and with images that appear on the TV screen effort, fluid motion. Moreover, it will be difficult to find the slightest hint of blurring! If one is willing to adjust the contrast to enhance the mood of dark scenes, or research in bold, brilliantcolours, Sony Bravia Engine 3 with Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) will change the settings as required.You able to transform the living room to recreate a style of film, with 24p True Cinema? Television has also argued that the volume of voice that can be resolved without a change in volume in the background while the quality of life as a decoration to impress the director of practice movie.To receive a link to sources that HD and Blu ray Disc Playstation, easilyutilise one of the four conveniently located HDMI inputs that are built in (two rear, two on the side). Sony KDL52W5500 to download quickly and efficiently pictures, games, videos and even music directly on your TV screen, so that all can share a room fun.The Sony 52W5500also DNLA Home Networking Technology in such a way that all your music , photos and video can be easily downloaded on the big screen LCD TV, directly from your PC. Just a click of a button on the TV remote, BRAVIA Sync can take control of all the LCD TV and access devices such as Handycam camcorder. Eco-intelligently designed with the parameters that have a light sensor to automatically change the brightness of the TV image and lower power, the Sony KDL52W5500 give peace of mind and hours of fun in your living room.

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