The 46 "Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500 LCD HDTV is a great record, and the smallest 40" 40V2500. The picture is very good for use, but some suggest turning the lively setting and set it to neutral, then the HDTV tweak to perfection. The colors are amazing and breathtaking. Video games with the Xbox 360 or PS3 is only good movies and Blu-Ray in 1080p is just jaw drop. There is a reason why the Sony cost more and the difference in qualityworth the price difference.

The price for the Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500 LCD TV has declined substantially to a review of this so that it can now compete with other brands if you're on a budget. If you wait for the more expensive XBR models, elegant want to pay, then the V-series is to get. The XBR looks much better aesthetically, but the performance is not much difference, as can be seen when you have an HDTV expert. The 46V2500 LCD display uses the samePanels of the XBR series.

Playback of HD Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500 LCD HDTV is incredible, but most programs do not have the jump to HD yet. However, the standard view is not bad and worth seeing compared to other HDTVs, it is absolutely horrible to see what non-HD. This rate should be taken, up to HD channels or until most of the programs go to 1080p.

There were no indications "were some complaints about the" fog "or" cloud, when the TV darkScene. Some people can not stand it, and it is a failure for them, but some people can tolerate and keep only a minor annoyance that is reflected in the impressive image quality. This problem does not seem all seem KDL-46V2500, however, because many people have not noticed the problem. E 'was also reported that the fog on models produced after December 6, 2007, so you should be good if you buy a brand new, has been set, but checkto be sure.

The inner sound of the KDL-46V2500 is nice and clear and very good for a television set, which is rare. The menu is also nice and intuitive and the remote is okay, but can feel a bit 'cheap. You will probably get a universal remote anyway. Who has time to juggle multiple remote controls?

If you plan to watch DVDs on HDTV LCD TV Bravia KDL-46V2500, I recommend an e-conversion DVD player, Sony DVP-NS77H / B 1080p Upscaling DVD PlayerHDMI output. The quality is much better than regular DVD players and HD seems like it. I also suggest watching DVDs with the widescreen format, however, because TV is distorting the whole image and stretch the image and there are no settings around him.

Overall, Sony Bravia KDL-46V2500 LCD HDTV is a high-quality graphics with jaw dropping. Playing video games and movies are constantly wow you and your friends. If you are looking for a large LCD displaythe right price, you can set TV. You get TV quality with prices from Sony, Toshiba and can compete with Samsung. I highly recommend this.

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