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There are no truer words to be said when people would say that a Sony LCD TV is a remarkable TV. For years they have been the benchmark for any TV, LCD, Plasma, or CRT for that matter. But as the rest of the TV manufacturing community has caught up, the market for top quality television sets have become extremely tight. And for that reason, its best to first check out what options you have available for you. For anyone who is in the market for a 37 inch LCD TV, then the Sony KDL37W5500 LCD TV is something that you might want to consider.

It’s just fair to say that when looking for top quality TV, Sony is among the top brands that most consumers would consider. Sony has definitely earned this reputation. This Japanese company has consistently come up with performance enhancing technological innovations that has people clamouring for its products. Sadly though, like all things in life, it’s not perfect and has its own flaws. With the Sony KDL37W5500 it may very well be its black output. While it is still superb for the class range it is in, it would still be noticeable to the discriminate TV viewer. But if you want a great looking TV for your living room with exceptional picture quality, then the Sony KDL37W5500 LCD TV is just right for you.

Also, your favourite films can be best viewed when using the Sony KDL37W5500’s 24P True Cinema capabilities. This means that you’re watching your movie the way it is shown in theatres, with 24 frames per second. And with a plethora of picture adjustments available you can customize your settings to your own preferences.

Conserving energy is what the Sony KDL37W5500 is all about. It doesn’t require high energy outputs and have been equipped with energy saving settings and eco-friendly features. For instance, a built in light sensor senses the lights inside the room and adjusts the brightness of the screen to save on energy and still maintaining quality video output.

Connectivity and accessibility is another one of the strongest points of the Sony KDL37W5500. Multiple HD devices can be connected at the same time as this 37 inch Sony LCD TV has four inputs for HDMI with two situated at the side and two at the back. Unlike other LCD TVs with less HDMI inputs, you don’t have to unplug any of your devices just so you can use another one. There is also a USB port where you will be able to enjoy the convenience of viewing your favourite files such as video files, pictures and even play your MP3 files. File playing and viewing is made easier with XrossMediaBar or XMB menu software. Other ports and sockets that can be found on the Sony KDL37W5500 include 2 SCART sockets, a PC input, and component and composite video input. There is also another feature that sets the Sony KDL37W5500 apart from the others in its class. An Ethernet port is available where you can connect your LCD TV to your home network using the DLNA Home Networking Technology where you don’t need to hook-up your laptop or PC to your TV to view files from your computer.

As much as there are some flaws to the Sony KDL37W5500, these are very minimal and can easily be disregarded. This is not distinguishable to most consumers and not really a letdown, considering the many great features that the Sony KDL37W5500 provides.

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Panasonic Viera TC-P50V10 is simply the best plasma TV of 2009. It is a high-end HDTV and both the feature set and the price are an indicator of that. Though it is relatively expensive, if you want the absolute best HDTV viewing experience, TC-P50V10 is the TV to buy. Though models in G10 series offer pretty much the same picture quality, V10 series of which TCP50V10 is part of, have a few extra features.

Whether those features are worth the extra money, it is a decision only you can make. What I can tell you for sure is that Panasonic TC-P50V10 that we are going to review here, is the best plasma TV for this year and it’s picture quality as well as the set of features is fantastic.

Slim Design

Though the slimmest plasma TV from Panasonic is the exclusive Z1, the TC-P50V10 is also thinner than most HDTVs out there. Measuring only 2 inch deep, it is slightly thinner than most TVs. One thing that adds to this and gives this plasma TV a very beautiful look is the sheet of glass that extends over the bezel. In other words, you get a seamless flat screen and that looks really good. If the looks are not enough, there is also a practical side to it: when you clean the screen, the dust won’t “hide” in the corners of the frame anymore.

Full Set of Features

Being a high-end plasma TV, Panasonic TC-P50V10 has pretty much every feature you could need. From a complete set of picture controls all the way to Internet connectivity and access to Amazon Video on Demand through its Viera Cast. Though it features THX mode, you have many picture controls to adjust the colors to your liking. This is especially useful as the color accuracy is not perfect if you don’t use THX mode. Viera Cast offers some nice to have features like Weather and Stock information, but these have been available last year as well. This year’s novelty is Amazon Video on Demand which we think is a very nice feature to have.

Great Video Processing and smooth 1080p/24 cinema mode

One of the many areas where Panasonic TC-P50V10 really shines is the video processing. When watching HDTV content you are going to have a great experience. If you are a fan of 1080p/24 mode that Blu Ray movies support, you will be happy to know that this TV handles it perfectly. Many HDTV’s out there brag about having this feature, however most of them fail when put to the test. On many plasma and LCD TVs, enabling 1080p/24 mode is not a good idea as the content will become unwatchable due to the flicker. This is not the case with TC-P50V10! This plasma TV is able to play 1080p/24 perfectly, without any flicker or other problems.

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Samsung LCD TV LE55A956D1M – Uniqueness Series 9

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from the start line of the brand Samsung has created a series of equally high quality of LCD TVs. The series of nine models of LCD TV are the top today. See what makes this LCD TV Samsung LE55A956 Series 9 stand.

This is a 120Hz LED LCD-TV series that has the Auto Motion Plus technology, and local dimming LED backlighting. There's nothing like the brightness contrast ratio 2,000,000:1 Dynamic specification and the actual black level.The technology to be adopted, making the light source in each pixel is completely enclosed in a true black.

certainly not dazzling here, the 9 series are also available with Ultra Clear Panel, the ambient light far better equipped for image quality in bright environments. The design is superior. Samsung prides itself on natural beauty with refined designs and sleek lines and different sounds that appear in every viewing angle. Samsung Crystal TV consists ofA combination of beautiful colors to create a shadow progression sophisticated and seamless.

Black scrolling bar is also offering in this series of new LCD TV. reaction time is reported to be 4ms. InfoLink technique is so good, so that consumers get the free RSS feed applied. Four HDMI inputs are included, where they are on the side for easy access. USB 2.0 is naturally present.

Smart LED lighting applied to give the picture quality of a dramaticContrast and brightness. Its 1080p Full HD and has 1.5 times more scanning lines than conventional HD TVs. This means that there are more pixels then a more accurate and better. Imagine your favorite movie on a screen of 55 inches, two times better than a normal LCD TV. Materialized the image is perfect.

Also, there is a matching stand that comes with this model. Even if you do not have the rotation, the setting is also quite goodthe TV-style game. Other useful features to the consumer to just sit back, relax and watch – are currently in auto sound leveler, automatic station search, and auto shutoff. And 'the sleep timer, game mode, and cycle on and off and timer.

Uniquely pure entertainment, is not it?

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Sony BRAVIA EX 400 Series 32-Inch LCD TV, Black

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Experience Full HD 1080p resolution, incredible contrast and sharp, and vibrant images with the Sony BRAVIA EX400 Series HDTV. It features Sony's Ambient Sensor and LightSensor technologies that automatically adjust the color and brightness based on a room's lighting, and it includes a USB port that enables you to connect an external hard drive for[Read More]

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Sony BRAVIA EX 500 Series 60-Inch LCD TV, Black

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Experience Full HD 1080p resolution, incredible contrast and sharp, and vibrant images with the Sony BRAVIA EX500 Series HDTV. You'll enjoy incredible motion performance thanks to the integrated Motionflow 120Hz technology, which helps reduce blurriness and judder for fast-action sports, movies and games. Additionally, it features Sony's Ambient Se[Read More]

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